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This is it. The Essential Weapon Rework Mod. It's finally here...

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MOD Description:
For 5 years, I've been waiting for a mod that reworked vanilla Relic weapons because of how depressingly weak they were. I've waited, and waited, and waited....and I finally decided enough is enough.

"If you want something done right, do it yourself." - Someone

Ladies and gentlemen, it's finally here. This mod completely reworks and rebalances the stats on ALL vanilla Relic and Witcher weapons. That's 100+ NG and NG+ weapons completely redone from the ground up to fit whatever build you desire. This also includes all Grandmaster Witcher weapons from the Blood and Wine DLC.

*This mod ONLY modifies stats and does not touch textures or weapon appearances in any way.*

The goal of this mod was to redo all vanilla Relic weapons to match the level of power and strength of Relic weapons in the BaW Expansion. Eventually, it evolved into updating ALL Relic weapons in the game to fight on the same balanced playing field. I thought it was an absolute shame that vanilla Relic weapons were treated as nothing more than crowns for exchange since most of them had utter garbage stats. Also, what was up with their random stat distribution? Now, when you find a Relic out in the world, you'll actually feel that level of excitement you're meant to feel discovering a high-tier piece of gear in an RPG. Each Relic feels unique and different from any other you'll discover. Some of them have powerful stats that work well together. Others meet specific build requirements. Others are just all-out crazy and fun combinations. I hope that you'll all enjoy this mod and feel a new sense of wonderment discovering weapons again. (Note: All screenshots above are taken of NG weapons, not NG+.)

!!!Always check the changelogs for all new updates and additions!!!

This mod makes changes to:
- All Relic weapons from the vanilla game, found and crafted. (All Crafted weapons have superior stats to their found counterparts, giving you a reason to spend resources to craft them.)
- All Witcher weapons from the Cat, Griffin, Bear, Wolf, and Manticore Schools. This includes their Grandmaster versions as well.
- All NG+ Weapons have been buffed beyond their NG counterparts. Yes, ALL Relic and Witcher weapons. Now, it'll actually be worth rediscovering weapons again in NG+. NG+ variants have anywhere between 50% - 100% increased stat bonuses.
- All Relic weapons contain exactly 4 stat bonuses. (More detailed down below)
- All Witcher weapons have a rewarding built-in tier-upgrade system through crafting. (More detailed down below)
- Buffed Teigr from DLC15 and made it part of the Feline Set, since...I mean, it's pretty obvious why it should be, right?
- Made Zireael Steel and Silver swords droppable weapons. They are Witcher quality and part of the Feline set. I felt this was appropriate since Ciri has a Cat medallion as well.
- Added Eredin's Sword and Imlerith's Mace as droppable and usable weapons, dropped as specific quest rewards for their respective quests. Didn't add Caranthir's Staff because

- "Blade from the Bits" and "Winter's Blade" quest reward weapons are actually good rewards now.
- All Crafted and Found BaW Relic weapons as well as their NG+ counterparts. I've only tweaked their stats a bit and made them carry only 4 stats as opposed to 5. A lot of them felt the same, so I tweaked them to carry 4 stats in order to make them feel more unique and different from each other.
- I've converted Geralt's Reward BaW Tournamant Geralt of Rivia sword into a Relic weapon and buffed its stats to focus on heavy attack damage.
- I've converted Geralt's Reward BaW Tournament Ravix of Fourhorn sword into a Relic weapon and buffed its stats to focus on heavy spell damage.
- Only Witcher weapons have Exp bonuses as an extra stat. (These are not included in the main stat bonuses. It counts as an extra stat that only applies to Witcher School weapons.) If a Relic weapon has an Exp stat bonus, then it is counted as one of the 4 stats and it is a very significant Exp increase.
- Exp scaling for Witcher Steel swords has been increased per tier level, maxing out at 25% gains. Witcher Silver swords now receive 25% Exp gains from nonhuman kills as well.
- I've added a whole new stat called "In Combat Stamina Regen" that you should find on a few select weapons. (This code was built into the game but never applied to any weapons for some reason.)

*New in v1.2*
- Created a whole new Zireael Sword for Geralt called "Swallow". This way, Ciri can use her sword normally during her story moments, and Geralt can get his own copy of that sword with much better stats that suit him as a witcher. The weapon will naturally drop for Geralt upon beating the game, or you can use console commands to get it if you've already passed that point. The console command is additem('Swallow Sword').
- All HoS Relic and Witcher weapons have been improved. HoS Relics saw major improvements. The Venomous Viper Steel and Silver swords only saw a minor stat bonus to aard damage. But their NG+ counterparts have much better stats.

*New in 1.3*
- Added new quest reward drop points for 15+ Relics hidden in the game's vanilla code. All 3 files contain these new weapon rewards. The Rewards Only Version only contains these reward points and nothing else. You'll have to play the game from the beginning to discover and complete their quests to obtain them. Or you can simply use console commands. (Click on the Spoiler to see their codes)


*New in v.1.3.1*
- Created a whole new version of Imlerith's Mace for Geralt. It's still called Imlerith's Mace in game, but the console command is additem('Geralt Imlerith Mace'). This was in order to fix a bug where Imlerith did hardly any damage to Geralt during the boss fight. Now Imlerith will actually be able to hurt Geralt during the fight because the original mace's stats are back to normal. And this way, Geralt can get his own version of that mace as a reward with Relic-tier stats.

*New in v.1.4* 
- Converted 3 underwhelming quest reward weapons from the BaW expansion into Relic quality weapons and buffed their stats: 'Forged in Fire', 'Ancient Elven Sword', and 'The Reckoner'.

*New in v.1.5*
- Buffed the Venomous Viper Steel and Silver swords' stats to Grandmaster Tier. This means they carry 5 stats now in order to compete with their BaW brethren. Think of these as the first taste to Grandmaster Tier weapons before actually starting the BaW DLC.

*New in v.1.5.1* 
-Added the fix to DMG and level scaling on Relic weapons so that they are closest to Geralt's level when dropped. Now, people who do not want to use my recommended mods can still benefit by having weapons drop at or close to Geralt's level. If you still want the weapons to level up with Geralt, then you HAVE to use one of the recommended mods mentioned down below.

*New in v.1.6*
- Added new originally designed in-game weapon icons for Eredin's Sword and Geralt's Mace to all files.
- Fixed a vanilla game bug for all crafted Relic silver sword drawing animations. It's the same fix provided in Nitpicker's/Besserwisser's patches. Just give my mod higher priority to avoid any conflicts (Main file only).

*New in v.1.7*
- Added a new Main version for Ghost Mode users. Full compatibility.

This mod does NOT change:
- Iris.
- Aerondight.
- Gravedigger's Shovel.
- Any HoS Relic or Witcher, as they are decently balanced.
- Any Common, Magic, or Master quality weapons.
- Any armor.

There are many mods that enhance weapons such as Iris and Aerondight, so I didn't feel it was necessary to buff them. You can simply download any of the dozens of mods available on this site.

How this mod approaches stat bonuses:

Relic Weapons:

With this mod, all Relic weapons have exactly 4 stat bonuses. Since Magic and Master weapons can have anywhere between 0 - 3 stat bonuses, I felt that it was fitting that Relics have a fixed 4 stats.

This mod also fixes many errors found in the code of the weapon stats that had just been forgotten by the devs. You wouldn't believe how broken some of the stats were. Anyone ever wonder why Hjalmar's Steel Sword never actually felt strong, even though it said in its description that it should be able to dish out 200% critical hit damage? Well, that's because the devs coded its minimum value as 200% and it's maximum value as 5%. I'm sorry, but what....? This is clearly a typo left by the devs. In fact, I'm quite sure they didn't even intend its minimum to be set to 200%; it was probably meant to be 2%. Basically, this weapon was always dealing a maximum of 5% critical hit damage, which is ridiculous. They've also embedded a typo in a very essential piece of code that can't be changed. I've uploaded a screenshot showing what I mean. 

This mod makes all weapon percentages reliable and accurate. Previously, CDPR had added a min and max range for different percentages of stats on these weapons. This meant that Relic weapons spawned with randomized stats, relying on total RNG if you wanted to have the highest form of that stat. If Relic weapons were meant to be unique, then why are they able to spawn with random stat rolls? This is a terrible system that makes discovering these weapons less rewarding than they should be. They're unique, one-of-a-kind weapons after all, and they deserve to have their own unique, fixed stats. With this mod, I've completely done away with that min-max range and set a fixed number for ALL stats. So, when you see a weapon drop with a stat of 15%, that's the percentage it was meant to have. You no longer need to save-scum to get the best roll anymore. :)

Witcher Weapons:
I've also completely reworked the way Witcher weapons grow and evolve stat-wise. I thought it was an absolute travesty that Witcher weapons would get such horrible stat treatment compared to other weapons in the game. I mean, does anyone even use the Cat or Griffin School weapons? Of course not. Because they only have 2-3 stats maximum, whereas the Bear set actually has decent stats. And why were Silver weapons getting more stats than their Steel counterparts? The weapons come in a pair and should share the same exact stats. Well now, each School has a unique playstyle that matches their armor sets as well. I've also added stat growth and stat evolution to each craftable tier of the weapon pieces going all the way up to Grandmaster level.

The default (Tier 1) weapon has only 1 stat.
Tier 2 (Enhanced) has 2 stats.
Tier 3 (Superior) has 3 stats.
Tier 4 (Masterwork) has 4 stats, matching the quality and strength of Relic weapons. 
Tier 5 (Grandmaster) has 5 stats, surpassing the quality and strength of Relic weapons, as they should for how costly they are to create.

Each tier upgrade also boosts each stat by a considerable amount. And at Grandmaster level, Witcher weapons will be a true force that fully brings out the power of the Grandmaster set-piece bonuses as well. For example, the Bear set unlocks a huge Quen sign bonus upon unlocking Grandmaster Tier in order to fit into its Grandmaster Armor bonus for Quen enhancements. Each Witcher weapon now fits into a unique playstyle that brings out the power of that School.

- Cat weapons focus on high crit chance, crit damage, and attack power.
- Griffin weapons focus on high spell power, decent crit chance and damage bonuses, and powerful confusion effects.
- Bear weapons focus on massive adrenaline recharge, HUGE critical hit damage and Attack power bonuses, and excellent staggering capabilities, like an actual Bear.
- Wolf weapons trigger heavy bleeding and have a great balance between Attack power and Spell damage.

And at Grandmaster level, all of them unlock a 5th stat that truly makes them shine.

- Manticore weapons excel at shredding through enemy armor and poisoning foes, while offering high critical hit damage.
- Viper weapons offer a great balance between attack power, aard sign damage, and crit chance & damage, with the ability to poison foes.

Unique Weapons
There are some weapons that need console commands since they can't be dropped in the game, such as Ciri's Steel and Silver Zireael weapons, Eredin's sword, etc.
Ciri's Steel and Silver Zireael swords, Eredin's sword, and Imlerith's mace are now quest reward drops. Here is where you can get them if you'd rather obtain them naturally. Beware, SPOILERS ahead.


You can also use console commands to get them if you've passed their drop points. Their console command codes are written in the "Changes" section up above and in the changelogs. They're truly special weapons.

Simply extract and place the mod into your "mods" folder.
You do not need to start a New Game to get the benefits. All weapons will be changed right away.
To update, simply replace the old files with the new ones overwriting everything.

*New changes since patch 1.5 have added DMG scaling to all Relic weapons on drop, which means that certain lines of code had to be tweaked. Because of this, you might NOT see the benefits of the scaling effect unless you start a New Game. This is because the game's code automatically generates every weapon for you upon starting a game and attaches a fixed level scaling to them. So, in order to see the new DMG scaling effects of the weapons, the weapons need to be re-respawned into the game world, which unfortunately means having to start a New Game. HOWEVER, if you're already using one of my recommended mods down below that auto-level all your weapons alongside Geralt, then you're fine; you can just continue playing the game as normal.

Simply delete the mod from your "mods" folder.
You do not need to be worried about losing your weapons upon removing the mod. It's very safe to uninstall.

This mod modifies many weapon files from the vanilla game and the DLC. So, it will most certainly conflict with any mods that modify weapon stats. The only weapon mod that will be fully compatible is any Aerondight rework mod because that weapon has literally its own file that is independent from all other weapons. In order to get the benefits of my mod and keep the weapon stats of your weapon mods, you'll need to merge using Script Merger. When merging, just choose which lines you'd like to keep, mine or your other mod's. If merged correctly, then you will have absolutely no problems using this mod with any other weapon mod. If after merging you still can't see the benefits of my mod, then it could be conflicting with other mods, in which case, giving higher priority to my mod could solve the problem.

  • Scabbards mod will DEFINITELY conflict with my mod. It is best to merge these mods together and they will work perfectly. The merge will be easy and seamless.

  • If you notice issues with drawing animations with Crafted Silver Swords, that is not from my mod. This is a vanilla bug that has always existed. Download Nitpicker's Patch or Besserwisser's Fix Collection to fix this underlying vanilla issue. They are very helpful and recommended patches. You probably never would have noticed this issue because of how bad Crafted weapons were and they were never used before. With my mod, they now become very useful, which is why you'd notice these issues for the first time. *Version 1.6 fixes this vanilla bug; now all Crafted Relic silver weapons have corrected drawing animations. You will see conflicts in Script Merger; just ignore them and give my mod higher priority.*

  • Released a new version for Ghost Mode users. Now, this mod has Full Compatibility with it. Enjoy.

  • NOT COMPATIBLE with Ghost ModeW3EE, No Levels, or any "overhaul" mods that drastically change weapon stats, dmg, and scaling mechanics.

Recommended mods to use with this mod:
It is HIGHLY recommended to use the following mods in order to get the best weapons experience.
  • New Game Plus Plus for continued New Game Plus games, and for unlocking weapon levels to allow weapons to continuously level up with your character so that they always stay strong and relevant. This way, you will never out-level old weapons and you will never have to worry about weapons feeling useless. You can also check out this mod, Leveling Witcher and Relic Gear Updated, which also auto-levels weapons to your level. This mod, Item Levels Normalized, should work too and will allow weapons to constantly scale with Geralt's level. Just pick one of these mods to use alongside my mod to allow weapons to always scale with Geralt's level. *For Ghost Mode users - Download this version instead, called "LevelUpEquipped" in the downloads section: TW3 Gameplay Tweaks
  • No Duplicate Relics so that once you find a Relic weapon in the world, you won't find it again. This will make that Relic weapon feel truly unique and not just another duplicate existing in the world. It'll make you treasure it more once you find it, the way Relics ought to be treasured.
  • Runes FX to add cool new effects on the swords when runes are applied to make weapons look more unique and amazing based on their damage stats and types.

Final thoughts:
I truly hope you enjoy this mod. I made this mod in mind for the Witcher fans first before making it for myself. So, if you don't like certain stats or buffs or changes, please don't hesitate to give me feedback and I will do my best to consider your suggestions. If you find any bugs with certain stats, please let me know immediately. I just want people to enjoy this mod and to enjoy the Witcher 3 the way it's meant to be enjoyed.

Aeltoth for helping with adding strings to certain weapons so that their true names appear in game. And for helping me to create "Swallow" as a replacement to "Zireael Steel Sword" so players can play Ciri's sections without any issues. Thank you so much, brother.
cumbrianlad for helping to test out the mod and finding any lingering problems or issues. Thanks a ton, man.

Final Notes:

Thank you all. This mod is for you.