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Adds visual effects to your sword depending on the applied runes

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This mod adds special effects to your sword if you have two or three runestones of the same type branded onto the sword.

* runewords enchantments and runestones introduced in the Hearts of Stone DLC aren't supported, except for the Severance runeword.
* a runestone quality doesn't matter, you can put 'Lesser Perun runestone' and 'Greater Perun runestone' onto you sword and the effect will be applied.
* some effects might look similar to those provided by e.g. Sword FX mod, but mine are different and edited, besides the way they're activated is more gameplay friendly.

  • The mod should work on both old and the next-gen game versions.
    Completely merge-free.
  • If you have the old versions of the mod (1.1 or 1.2) installed, you must remove them - the 'runesfx' folder from the 'dlc' folder and 'modRunes_fx' from the 'mods' folder.

  • Download the 'Runes Visual FX' file and extract its 'dlc' and 'mods' folders into your 'Witcher 3' folder. Don't use any installation managers.
  • If you use the Magic Spells mod, install the 'Runes Visual FX for Magic Spells', replacing the files.

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Special thanks to:
OsailXeno47 and Tellah9 for their support and appreciation.

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