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This mod aims to fix all scabbard clipping in the game, particularly around Relic and Witcher weapons.

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Are you one of those people who demand a bug-free experience in their games? Are you one of those people who demand their swords and scabbards to fit each other like Cinderella's foot and her slipper? Are you a spoiled, little gamer who just wants their cake and to eat it, too? If your answer is "yes" to any of these questions, then welcome to the mod to make your dreams come true.

This mod aims to completely eradicate all nasty sword/scabbard clipping you've been forced to live through these past 7 years. The mod currently only fixes clipping on all Relic swords and Witcher swords. Master and Magic Weapons have not been touched since they typically go unused. But if there are any issues there and the demand is high, then a fix may be provided for them as well in the future.

The fix is in fact quite simple. With the help of the wonderful TheFreddman, co-author of this mod, and author of Lore-friendly Silver Swords 2.0, scabbard meshes for the 4 Witcher School scabbards (Cat, Bear, Griffin, Wolf), as well as scabbards for Glory of the North, Tlareg, and Aerondight have been remodeled and tweaked to fix all clipping issues with those swords. To keep things simple, instead of having to redo the meshes of every scabbard in the game, I thought it would be easier to simply use those scabbards that had already been fixed in LfSS 2.0 and apply them to ALL clipping swords. This means that some swords will now be using scabbards from the 4 Witcher schools, so you might see some redundancy. But I figured this would be a far easier solution and easily overlooked by players considering that they're now getting a sword and scabbard that actually fit each other.

Extract the .zip folder, then drag and drop the mod into your "mods" folder into your Witcher 3 Directory.

Simply delete the mod from your "mods" folder.

1) Giving Priority
This mod modifies the scabbard meshes of the 4 Witcher schools, Glory of the North, Tlareg, and Aerondight. That means if you have any mods that use or retexture any of those meshes, you will face conflicts and be unable to get the benefits of this mod. In this case, give this mod higher priority.

2) Merging
This mod contains no scripts. However, the mod modifies def_item_crafting_weapons.xml and def_item_weapons_relic.xml
. If you have any mods that modify these files, then you will want to merge these conflicting bundles through Script Merger and select the lines from this mod when asked which scabbard you would like to use. In most cases, the merge will actually be completed automatically without asking since most mods don't touch or change scabbards.

3) For Best Effect
To get the BEST visual effect with this mod, it is HIGHLY Recommended to use Lore-friendly Silver Swords 2.0 mod alongside this mod. This mod ONLY fixes the scabbards by widening or increasing the sizes of them to eliminate clipping. Because of this, sword cross-guards might appear smaller than intended. With LfSS 2.0, the Witcher school cross-guards all have been widened to compensate for the widened scabbards, giving them all the proper look and size to fit each other perfectly. Give this mod higher priority over LfSS 2.0 in your mod folder. Check out the screenshots above for comparisons. Seriously guys, just download LfSS 2.0 mod.

I must give all credits and thanks to TheFreddman. Without him, this mod could not have existed. With his permission, he has allowed me to use his own meshes to create a comprehensive fix for all Relic and Witcher weapons in the game. Thank you so much for this. You deserve all the credit honestly. Please visit his page and give him a big fat kudos. Also, if you haven't already, download his LfSS 2.0 mod. What are you waiting for?