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Increase your immersion with a curvy dad bod to show you're living the good life and really let yourself go in Toussaint.

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   So you've beaten the game for well over the third time and found yourself relaxing back at Toussaint. All of your Witcher contracts completed, side quests done, even most of your unknown locations are done... aside from those few in Skellige probably. There are no more adventures to go on, tasks to do, and barely any monsters to defeat... and Geralt of Rivia has already found himself gaining a few pounds in the peacetime.

Increase your immersion with a nice gut to show off the good life!


   This mod replaces Geralt's body mesh, body diffuse and normal textures, and his underwear mesh to give Geralt a notable gut and extra fat in his chest. This mod is intended to be used with Geralt's vanilla body textures. If you have a mod that changes Geralt's body textures (this does not include any changes to his face), his body meshes, or his underwear meshes, this mod will conflict with them.

   If you want to use body textures that differ from vanilla, simply delete texture.cache in the content folder of the mod, and give the mod of your choice priority just in case.

Update v1.1.0
  • Geralt's body and head mesh has been adjusted. (The Hearts and Stone heads should work, but I have not played the DLC recently to find out.
  • Kaer Morhen/Viper armor, shirt armor, body belts, and all three basic Nilfgaard Casual shirts have been adjusted to fit the body meshes.
  • Beards have been slightly adjusted to match his head mesh. (Some minor clipping may occur.)

Known Issues:
  • Mod conflicts with: modW3REmod. Give modDadBodGeralt priority in script merger or however you like to handle your load orders.
  • There may be very small bumps or hiccups in Geralt's arms and minor inconsistencies in the radius' of his arms in the adjusted clothing meshes. Also, there is a small shadow under his neck that I can't seem to fix. They aren't too noticeable though. (I hope you weren't expecting AAA game mesh quality with this here, I'm an amateur!)


  • Extract the zip with your favorite zip extracting program.
  • Put "modDadBodGeralt" into your mod folder.
  • Start the game and show off your curves to Triss and Yennefer.


  • Delete "modDadBodGeralt" from your mod folder.

Notes and Thanks

   I want to take a moment of your time and thank you for downloading my first mod! As of 5/10/2020, this marks just my third day in learning step by step how modding works in The Witcher 3, as well as my first real experience making a finished product in Blender. After seeing a lack of mods that I wanted, I decided it was time to step in and make more mods myself. I hope you will support me in getting better by giving my mods a shot!
Special Thanks to:

  • Gudmods 3.0 Reformed & Glitcher 3 Modding Community and the Boiz Discord servers for the assistance!
  • Jatodude1 for the great tutorials he provided on modding, helping me go from 0 to 100!
  • The modding community for coming together and making so many modding tools for beginners like me to get started.
  • CDPR for making an astounding game.
  • -The_Crasher- for inspiring me with his Donut Geralt mod that I highly recommend.
  • All of the cheeseburgers and hotdogs Geralt had to injest to get his perfect gut.
  • Christopher Livingston for being kind enough to make a whole article just for my mod. Thanks man!