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This mod add brand new meals, recipe, and books to the game. Enjoy new lore-friendly foods and their respectives recipe books that you can buy from merchant all around the map. There is currently 10 new meals avilable plus a few ingredients.

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Important !!!

You are a lot to dm me about making this version with this or  this version with this, I would be glad to make them all, but unfortunatly I won't be able to make them all (and so therefore I probably won't make exceptions sorrryyyy (>w<) ). But as you can see I released an uncooked version with instructions to help you to make yours !!! 
You just need visua studio code (and photoshop for the icons if you edit them).
Good luckkk !!!!

Add food, ingredients, books and recipes to the game to enhance Geralt's meals. Each recipe belongs to a character and can be found in specific stores all around the world. There is currently 10 avilable meals with specific effects : the Mahakam potato soup by Zoltan, Lambret's dumplings by Vesemir and Lambert, a meat and onion soup by Regis, Yarpen's medicine, Dandelion's stew, Keira's beef, Ciri's cake, fried snails, homemade onion soup, and homemade dumplings. Most of these meals were inspired by Witcher Kitchen, go check their amazing website, and the novels !

2 Versions :
- The normal one, if you can buy stuff at Keira's store
- The new one, if youu killed Keira

What are the buffs ?

Lambert's dumplings --> Xp multiplier ( like the bookshelf in Corvo Bianco )
Regis's Meat and onion soup --> Undying effect (for 5 seconds)
Yarpen's medicine --> Clean toxicity
Zoltan's Mahakam potato soup --> Quen buff (like the places of power)
Dandelion's stew --> Aard buff (like the places of power)
Keira's beef --> Igni buff (like the places of power)
Ciri's cake --> Yrden buff (like the places of power)
Milva's fried snails --> Axii buff (like the places of power)

Where can I find the books and recipes ?

Zoltan's Mahakam potato soup --> Rudniks shop
Lambert's dumplings --> Seven Cats Inn
Regis's Meat and onion soup --> Nowhere store
Yarpen's medicine --> Stjepan inn
Dandelion's stew --> Dandelion's brothel
Keira's beef --> Keira's shop / Cunny of the Goose tavern
Ciri's cake --> Baron quartermaster's shop
Milva's fried snails --> Scoia'tael trader

Where can I find the new ingredients ?

Bag of flour / bag of Zerrikanian spices --> most of the inns in Novigrad and Skellige
Snails --> you can buy them almost everywhere, and loot them in crates, on some trunks ( the ones where you can  finnd money ) and on dead drowners.

Recipe to make dumplings --> Golden Sturgeon
Recipe to make onion soups --> some inns spreaded all over the world
( I added those recipe because the books describe how to make them but you get the vanilla items from them )


Drag the Mods and the DLC folders in your main Witcher 3 directory.
If you already have a mod such as W3EE Lazarus or Ghost mod that add a Food and drinks tab in the alchemy menu you won't need the Mod part.


It's a dlc so it should  be 100% compatible with anything, if you don't have anything that add a Food and drinks tab to the alchemy menu there should be no conflict with the mod (or auto-solved ones). Check anyway with script merger and if you have any conflict please report it to me.

First of all, huge thanks to TheBloke, he is the one who made the beautiful ballad for Dandelion's book, his pen is incredible.
Also huge thanks to the guys of the official The Witcher 3 discord that corrected my mistakes in the others books.
Big kiss to RovanFrost who litteraly made a whole update to the mod !!!
Finally, huge thanks again to the whole Glitcher 3 modding discord that made this possible by helping me everyday with all my beginner's shitty questions.

What else is coming ?

Of course adding new stuff, if you have any idea please tell me in the comments, also I will try to rework all the food meshes and food textures which may take some times see you in a few monthes.


You may want a mod that adjust Geralt's appearance after all this cooking and eating, check Dad bod Geralt  to achieve a true gourmet experience !


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