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As usage of Geralt's Witcher Sense is being used almost 80% of the time, I've made some personal tweaks to make it less annoying. Comes with configurable all-in-one menu.

Permissions and credits

I have reinvent the mod to include a mod menu so you can toggle whichever effect you want or don't want.
I want to make this mod with the same spirit of Friendly Hud mod which anyone would highly recommend!

Download Manually, extract the downloaded file accordingly. modFriendlyFocus folder to the mods folder of your Witcher 3 directory.

Inside the modFriendlyFocus folder, copy the bin folder and put it inside your Witcher 3 root directory. Profit?

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt GOTY version 1.32

Conflict with any mod that modifies these, doesn't necessarily means its incompatible, need to manually merge for maximum compatibility.


For manual merging, I'd recommend using VSCode with .ws extension or use Script Merger and its Unofficial Patch. (It's not rocket science~)

Compatible version for playing with W3EE 4.76 and Ghost Mode 4.0 beta 5 included in Optional Files. Install and set as higher priority.

RaKZak - Ideas, support and bug testing.
rmemr - Mod tools, guidance and assistance
astoralexander - Professional Geralt Fan Art of Modern Witcher
Everyone who continues to support the mod on Nexus and Discord