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An alternative for the Undying skill and the Second Life mutation.

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This mod adds a magical medallion, which creates a special campfire upon using. Every time you're about to die you'll be transferred to that campfire.

The medallion can be bought from an ofieri merchant or you can use a console command
In order to use it, place the medallion in your quickslot and use it like you use a torch or a horn.

- The campfire will restore your health and reduce toxicity, when you're near it.
- You can use the medallion again near the campfire to destroy it.
- Upon using the item in some other place, your previous campfire will be destroyed.
- You should create a new campfire each time you load the game or travel into another region.
- Use it with caution during quests, especially when they involve teleports or happen in closed spaces.
- Choose a place for the campfire wisely, there should always be some free space around.
- The medallion effect should work even if you have the Undying skill or the Second Life mutation, but they're currently unable due to a cooldown.
- The medallion will save you from an enemy, drowning or falling, IF they're not related to some quests. E.g. if you fall in some cave, where a quest is happening, you'll die.
- Destroy the campfire before fistfight minigames, otherwise there might be bugs.

Extract folders into your 'Witcher 3' folder, don't use any installation managers. Use Script Merger, if you have other mods. If you get errors, open of my mod, search for
and merge manually.

Special thanks to:
Tellah9 for testing, pictures and video.

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