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Makes weapons visible only when you're holding them, and invisible while they're holstered.

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This mod makes your weapons invisible when they are holstered, and visible upon unsheathing them with a visual effect.

It would be a great addition to my other Magic Spells for Signs mod, and, I think, to everyone who uses AMM or something similar.

In order to make the mod work you should buy a new item from an ofieri merchant and just keep it in your inventory. Alternatively you can use a console command
which will give you the new item. 
If you want to disable the mod functions, just put that item in your stash or drop somewhere, then reequip your weapons in an inventory menu.

There are settings you can change to adjust the mod for yourself:
-- Visual Effect - enables/disables new visual effect.
-- Optional Animation - enables/disables an additional short animation upon unsheathing sword. 
-- Without Animation  - enables/disables standard vanilla sheathing and drawing sword's animations.
-- Left Hand Effect - enables/disables the visual effect on the left hand.

Important notes and issues:
- It's better to play when all the settings are ON, however, if you want just a main function of hiding and showing weapons upon sheathing and drawing, you can set all options to OFF.
- Crossbow related animations weren't changed, they are quite plain already and the changes wouldn't be noticable anyway.
- Doesn't work in cutscenes (?).

Extract 'bin', 'dlc' and 'mods' folders into your 'Witcher 3' folder, don't use any installation managers. Use Script Merger, if you have other mods.
If you get script compilation errors, you should merge mod manually. It won't be difficult, just open files of my mod, except those which are located in the 'local' folder, and search for
//invisible weapons

Good luck on the path!

Special thanks to:
Tellah9 for making gif, picture and video.

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