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Summon your stash, a light source and a fast travel signpost whenever you want.

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This mod adds a special bell, which summons your stash upon using. You can use the bell again to make your stash dissapear.
If the Aard sign is chosen, a fast travel signpost will be created, allowing you to transfer to other road posts, but not backwards. Do not use it during quests, or you may miss some scripted events, break your game and god knows what else. 
If the Axii sign is chosen, a light source will be created, lasting for 5 minutes. You can use the bell again to disable it.

The bell can be bought from a store with magical artefacts located in the Gildorf district of Novigrad. Or just use a console command
In order to use it, place the medallion in your quickslot and use it like you use a torch or a horn.

Extract 'dlc' and 'mods' folders into your 'Witcher 3' folder, don't use any installation managers. No script merging required.

Special thanks to:
Tellah9 for testing, pictures and video.

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