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This reshade preset aims to achieve a more dramatic and immersive feel. Supports the latest version of Reshade and some effects from the qUINT shader suite.

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Works best with Phoenix lighting mod V2 ( I use "Phoenix II Hd Water zzzFx and More Light") by Mishikedman. Also looks good with Wiedzmin Lighting Mod or Immersive Lighting. Let me know if it looks good with other lighting mods !

!! Pick only one version !!

Original version : FPS impact ≈ 10-15 fps. Lite + Ambient light.
Lite version : FPS impact ≈ 5-10 fps


Ambient Light (Original)

Chromatic Aberration

Clarity 2

FilmGrain 2


qUINT Bloom (Lite)

qUINT Lightroom

Surface Sharpen

Technicolor 2

1- Go to Reshade website  and download reshade (tested with reshade 4.3.0)

2- Install reshade and select witcher3.exe, located in the x64 folder (...\The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt GOTY\bin\x64).

Say yes to :


3- Download my reshade file from the Nexus.

4- Copy and paste/replace the content of one of my presets in the same x64 folder

5-Launch the game, open reshade menu by clicking the "↖" (home) button and select the preset you installed.

6-Enjoy :)

Consider endorsing if you like this mod

Phoenix Lighting Mod v2 by Mishikedman (recommended)

HD Reworked Project by Halk Hogan (recommended)

Nitpicker's Patch by ChuckCash (recommended)

HD Tree LOD Billboars by FaramH (optional)

Beautiful Rocks Light colored by Boostin4kix (optional)

HD Monsters Reworded by Denroth (optional)

Hairworks LOD Increase by BlurredNotions (optional)

No Dirty Lens Effect by RumenWest (optional)

You can download the full modlist in the Files section

Thanks to Marty McFly for his spectacular shaders, always making me want to tweak absolutely every game I play !!

Thanks to Marijn Koppens for inspiring me to make this preset