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Friendly HUD/UI Mod
(the first video is a demo of mod's features and the second one is a tutorial explaining how to install the mod
note that tutorial video is for an older version and thus has some features that were moved to another mod recently)


Switching some parts of the HUD off allows for more immersive gameplay. But playing without minimap or healthbar can be as painful under certain circumstances as it's fantastic while just exploring the world. This mod offers a lot of options to configure HUD modules as well as adds some new features for quest tracking and several improvements to game menus. You can use all of the options mod has or turn the ones you don't need off.

The mod doesn't change any of the balance aspects of the game and only provides pieces of information to the player he/she already has access to. By installing it you won't be making the game easier or unrealistic, it's an UI mod, which aims to improve quality of life and immersion.

Note: This mod doesn't change your save files, so installing or uninstalling it in the middle of playthrough is safe.

How to install

Unification patch is required for this mod to work properly.

Follow install instructions from the readme. Readme is located inside modFriendlyHUD folder and is available for English, Russian and Japanese languages.

How to uninstall

Follow uninstall instructions from the readme. Readme is located inside modFriendlyHUD folder and is available for English, Russian and Japanese languages.


Basic guide to installing TW3 mods.

List of changes

1. Non-intrusive customizable HUD

- Smart HUD: turn off all HUD modules for clean uncluttered view during exploration and the mod will automatically show different groups of modules when they're needed - when in combat, loosing vitality or using witcher senses, etc.
- Quick access to hidden HUD modules with "hold to see" and "pin it" features: holding a hotkey shows corresponding group of modules and releasing it hides it; holding "pin module" modifier key pins corresponding group of modules until you unpin it. Hotkeys can overlap with corresponding vanilla menu hotkeys (as menus are accessed by pressing a key not holding it), so you don't need to keep in mind dozens of new key bindings.
- An option to hide journal updates HUD module - the one that shows updated quest name, quest items received, books received, level up and other quest related messages and can never be switched off using vanilla menu.
- 3D markers for tracked destination points: shows tracked map markers (both quest and user) as points in game world. Can be used instead of minimap or along with it. There's an option for using very small immersive markers and different display options: show in witcher senses only, always show, show with or without additional user markers.
- Non-intrusive Skyrim like compass: can be used instead of minimap (or along with it) and together with 3D markers.
- Configurable interaction markers and text: switch talk bubble/text over NPCs heads on and off or switch all interaction buttons/text off completely.
- Quest markers for quest NPCs: fixes vanilla bug (or weird feature) with not displaying quest markers for NPCs if you're not tracking their specific quest. Can be switched off.
- Configurable zoom levels for minimap. By default minimap is zoomed out twice compared to vanilla.

2. Quality of Life features

- Quick access to potions, bombs and oils via Radial Menu using hotkeys/WASD/controller D-Pad.
- Quick switching between crossbow and latest used bomb.
- Pause game at any time you like, even in dialogs and cutscenes (except prerendered movies).

3. Menu enhancements

- Access main menu whenever you need it, even from dialogs and cutscenes/prerendered movies.
- Configurable zoom values for map menu with an ability to switch unlimited zoom on (already enabled by default).
- Configurable default inventory tab - choose which tab will be selected when opening inventory menu.
- New item marker for junk, crafting and edibles never shows up and all such items are automatically marked as being seen already (can be switched off).
- True item price and price comparison while bartering is shown beside buying/selling price as well as how many of this item you already have (in stash and total).
- New recipes and crafting schematics are now marked with asterisks making them easier to find.
- Patch 1.22 feature where you can buy crafting ingredients from blacksmiths directly while examining crafting schematic in crafting menu is added to alchemists: you can now buy alchemy ingredients from alchemists directly while examining alchemy recipe in alchemy menu.
- Patch 1.22 feature where you can split stack of items when moving it to stash was improved: you can now also split stack of items when moving it from stash back into your inventory.

4. Miscellaneous

- No auto sword sheathing/switching - unlike vanilla option doesn't stop Geralt from auto drawing his sword at the beginning of the combat.
- An option to can hide enemy levels and damage numbers.
- An option to turn witcher senses hotkey into a toggle.
- An option to disable sound notification on journal update.
- An option to pause cat effect outside of caves and to unpause it at night.

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AnotherSymbiote for No Talk Icon mod (original code used with his permission).
ExtravagantAardvark for Nonintrusive Compass Directions mod (included by his request).
Janiskeisari for Enhanced Menus mod (included features still missing in vanilla with his permission, the mod is no longer supported since patch 1.21).
- Yesin for German translation.
triskl3 for Brazilian Portuguese translation.
- aeN for Italian translation.
- pat_sch for French translation.
- mbcz123 for Chinese translation.
BowmoreLover for Japanese translation.
iguruspain for Spanish translation.
- Arthandas9 for Polish translation.