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Candles, torches, campfires and other lightsources become interactable only when you have Aard/Igni equipped.

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Alternate Lightsources Interaction

Just a simple mod which hides Ignite / Extinguish buttons for all ingame light sources unless you have Aard/Igni equipped.
Compatible with the next gen update.


  1. Download preferred version and extract archive into "...\The Witcher 3\Mods\" folder (if you do not have Mods folder - create it manually).
  2. (For toggleable version only) Open your "Documents\The Witcher 3\input.settings" file, find [Exploration] section and add line IK_RShift=(Action=InteractionToggle) there.
  3. Use Script Merger to check for possible conflicts with other mods.

Supports installation with NMM. 

Versions difference

  • Normal version: Ignite appears only when you have Igni equipped, Extinguish appears only when you have Aard equipped.
  • Igni OnlyIgnite / Extinguish appears only when you have Igni equipped.
  • Toggleable: you can toggle light sources interaction availability with Right Shift. Disabled by default.

Quest Related Notes
During "Practicum in Advanced Alchemy" quest you must interact with fire under evaporator so "No Interaction" mod version has been replaced with "Toggleable". If you are using signs version make sure that Geralt stays close enough and has Igni equipped.

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