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Enhances 3D markers features of FHUD.

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This mod's purpose is to enhance the 3D markers feature of Friendly HUD by allowing more customization of the markers and some new features.
My main purpose by doing that is to be able to play the game without using the minimap.

Differences with Friendly HUD's "vanilla" 3D markers

  • Most of display settings (max distance, icon type, etc.) can now be set individually for each marker type.
  • Dynamic sizing: marker's size is not fixed and adapt with the distance to the player (the more the player is close to the marker, the bigger it is). Like everything else, this feature is optional and can be enabled or disabled in the configuration menus.


I've changed the configuration menu and split the "3D markers" entries into many sub-menus:
  • General settings
  • Compass: settings linked to the compass.
  • All markers: display settings that will affect all markers when you change them (you need to quit the menu for the changes to be applied).
  • NPCs: display settings for the NPCs markers.
  • Map Locations: display settings for the map locations markers.
  • etc...

Installation and requirements

  • This mod requires Friendly HUD (and Unification patch for 1.31 and 1.31GOTY since FHUD requires it) to be installed.
  • Use NMM or unzip the file in the Mods directory (it will overwrite existing Friendly HUD files).
  • Deploy the new modFHUDConfig.xml file in bin/config/r4game/user_config_matrix/pc.
  • Don't forget to use Script Merger to prevent any conflict!


  • Fix bugs
  • Fix flickering
  • Add more features


  • CD Projekt for the Witcher games.