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Fixed in nextgen edition. Adds a cash reward that was missing/bugged from what was possibly the first sidequest in the game: "Missing In Action" where you help Bastien find his missing brother with the help of his dog in White Orchard.

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Fixed in nextgen edition. The cash reward is (arbitrarily) set to 20 crowns as it's the lowest cash reward you could obtain from a tougher contract you get off the same notice board at the same level (Devil by the Well).

Included in LEGO Itemization Overhaul where the absence of a 20 crowns reward could actually be noticeable.

Place \modmissinginactionrewardfix\ in your \The Witcher 3\Mods folder (where your other mods are). Run Script Merger + Script Merger Unofficial Patch if you have other mods and merge this mod's .xml file if it's in conflict. Once more, that means MERGE the .XML FILE.

Unmerge the files if you merged them before. Delete  \modmissinginactionrewardfix\. 

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