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A collection of multiple hairstyles inspired by "The Trail" - Cinematic-Trailer in multiple colors for Geralt plus a unique custom short-loose hairstyle and another unique (Zoltan inspired) CYBERPUNK hairstyle for Geralt ! Everything is Next-Gen Edition Compatible!!!

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- Next-Gen Compatible -

I made this initially upon request by minicrom on the CDPR forums. It was originally posted about a year ago and I stumbled upon it while reading on Witcher 3 modding. And because apparently there are more than one that are interested in this, I decided to share it also here on nexus. I have received the kind permission of Holgar, so kudos must go to him! Check out his great work here Holgar96 

So what do you get with this little mod? Actually 3 things!!!

1) The titled replacement of either the Mohawk (was a request) or the Elven Rebel DLC Hairstyles with the (as seen in "The Trail" Witcher 3 trailer) Cinematic Hair initially made by Holgar96.

2) Whiter and greyer versions (similar in color to the grey hairs mod by paulscotttt which only covers vanilla hairstyles and was a friendly request) so it looks closer to W1 Geralt and "The Trail" trailer Geralt. Now there is also a mod replacement for Vanilla Hairstyle 3 (aka the Long and Loose). Oxymoron, I know xD

3) Hairworked beard for this Cinematic Hairstyle when you enable HWs on Geralt or Everything (because this hairstyle does NOT have HW-hair version) !

4) A cyberpunkier hairstyle that replaces DLC hairstyle 1 in vanilla color

5) A BRAND new unique geralt short-loose hair style replacing DLC Hair 3 (comes in only 1 color variant and is still WIP but works quite well anyway)


1) Installation is simple, choose ONE of the main files (some are more white, some are less white, some are grey, one is Cyberpunky), place it in mod folder and make sure that it loads higher than any other Geralt mods you may have. I have already named them accordingly and they should be compatible with most Geralt mods out there.

2) When enanbling HW, besides getting the HW-beard with a non-HW hairstyle, you also get a small HW strand of hair.

3) Now you can choose one of the optional addons - depending on which hair replacement mod you use - to eliminate even that last strand of free flowing HW hair from your Geralt forehead ! = Hair color doesn't matter, you only have to choose the specific addon for the hair replacement variant you want to use !!! Added in the miscellaneous section 2 extra files, 1 alternate grey replacement for DLC Hair3 that includes a free flowing HW strand of hair and 1 alternate grey replacement for Vanilla Hair 3 that includes a free-flowing Non-HW strand of hair!!! Made upon request once, won't do another anytime soon xD

4) If you like what you see in the picture titled "Hardcore", then go get Denroth's great The Butcher of Blaviken Lore-Friendly Geralt and Witcher Eyes Lore Friendly mods and the superb Killing Monsters Armor from crashman!

5) If you want a shaved head for the Cyberpunk hairstyle, search nexus for a shaved head mod, there should be a couple iirc.

6) If you want the Rambo Bandana you seen in one of the pics, head here: Rambo Bandana for Geralt mod

RECOMMENDED TO ALSO USE BLURREDNOTION's E3 HAIR PHYSICS 60FPS FIX optional compatible mod, that he graciously made, as it will improve hair animation quality and your gameplay experience considerably if you play with more than 30fps. Remember to endorse him!

Check out all my other Improved Triss, Improved Yennefer, Lady of the Lake, New Geralt Boat, Unique Witcher Eyes, Magic Frog and Camel, Deus Ex and Angry Geralt mods here

No more requests about the same thing, ie replacing this or that hairstyle. You now have on Nexus 3 different options which is like half of the available in-game hairstyles, so pick one mod version (either from me or Holgar96) to replace the hairstyle you like less! And NOW there is no further need to update this mod so, no more requests in general about Geralt hair please xD