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Gives more talents per level the lower the player's level is; Levels up to level 35 upon reaching level 33 to allow reaching level 35 on Roche's Path. Changes the medallion cooldown to 0.5 seconds (no cooldown).

Permissions and credits

Please replace your file with version 1.3 before reaching level 32. Otherwise, due to a bug related to a missing '=' in the level-up function, you will block yourself from gaining experience. The new version should be bug-free. It also fixes the respec in Loc Muinne's quest.

I saw a bunch of mods that make you gain 3 or 2 talents per level, but I found it to be a bit too strong. On the other hand, I think that as Geralt is regaining his memories, he will learn basic skills quicker and quicker. To simulate that, now the lower your level, the more talents you get per level.

On Roche's path, you can get up to about level 33 even if you fulfil all side quests (at least that's the cap I seemed to hit in 2 playthroughs). To allow for reaching level 35, now upon reaching level 33, you'll get a free upgrade to level 35 to show that you have reached the level of a Master Witcher.

Many mods lower the medallion cooldown, but because of the bugged way the game counts this cooldown, even a 1s blocked by the animation time can cause the player to experience the medallion not working when spammed or being on cooldown. This has been fixed, by changing the cooldown to 0.5s.

The file was tested on 2 playthroughs on both paths when merged with Project Mersey and no bugs were recorded.

I have not tested installation using Mod Managers of any sort or by just placing the file in CookedPC, although it might just work. I suggest to use GIbbed Red Tools for installation. (Relating to the player.ws version)

The alternative version already includes Project Mersey's base_scripts.dzip and is merged with its base_scripts. Instal it along with Project Mersey and replace that mod's base_scripts.dzip. Preferably backup your original base_scripts. 

I do not own Project Mersey. It was made by Mersey Rockoff in collaboration with other authors mentioned on Project Mersey's official mod page: https://www.nexusmods.com/witcher/mods/941
Mersey is an amazing modder; be sure to endorse him.

Does it work with Rise of the Sword / Project Mersey / Two (or Three) Talents per level / etc.?
A:  As long as that file changes base_scripts.dzip and changes the talents (so player.ws) it will not work. If anyone wants a particular combined version with Gibbed Red tools I'll gladly do that or show you how to do it by yourself in some cases. 
On top of that, it will naturally conflict with Two talents per level, as they both change how many talents you get.

Q:  Does it work with respec from Loc Muinne?
A:  Mostly. It would take a lot of detailed functions and variables (that all have to be defined as well) to do it perfectly, so I just made it give +-1 talent points you'd have at that point. You will probably get 1 extra skill point from this (which also can be explained by the fact that Geralt just used an ancient artifact to correct his past mistakes in learning). 

Q:  How exactly do talents work now?
A:  You still start with no skills. Below level 9 you will obtain 3 skill points per level (as Geralt is quickly catching up with his abilities), between levels 10 and 19 you will get 2 talent points per level (as you're learning quickly but less than before) and afterwards you'll only gain 1 talent per level, as you're near the peak power. Upon reaching level 33 you'll automatically gain 2 levels (and 2 secret additional talents) up to level 35, in order to allow players who choose Roche to also get the achievement for reaching max level (now the achievement is actually given at level 33, but you get the point).

1.0: Base mod
1.01: Added compilation with Project Mersey
1.1, 1.11: Fixed a bug that occurred when reaching level 32/33. Now it should be okay to level up afterwards. Updated the mod page.
1.2, 1.21: Seemingly fixed respec, but this turned out to cause a bug whenever a new game was made.
1.30, 1.32: Fixed respec in the Loc Muinne quest.