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An ever-expanding list of new enemies and locations to enrich the game experience with fresh challenges.

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Welcome to Monsternomicon, the Valheim experience that adds a whole new level of challenge to the game!

With Monsternomicon, you'll explore new locations in biomes that were previously unfinished, filled with a wide range of new enemies, each with unique strengths and weaknesses to keep you on your toes and designed to challenge even the most skilled Valheim players.

We've carefully balanced these monsters to provide a exigent, yet fair, gameplay experience that stays true to the original game.

Get ready to test your skills and adapt to new challenges as you explore the world of Valheim like never before!

To make sure there are no issues, it is necessary to remove old Monsternomicon files from your BepInEx/config/ folder before installing this update.

Since a new biome has been included, I strongly recommend starting a new world or at least saving the old one before installing Monsternomicon.

Thanks so much for the encouragement and the warm response to the previous Monsternomicon update and the DarkWoods itself.

This time, the new update has focused mainly on the Ashlands biome, but I have not only focused on creating new monsters and updating the old ones, but also on providing this biome with new points of interest (POI) that provide narrative and background to your games as well as new vegetation that fits with this fiery biome.

This is probably one of the most demanding updates so far, so I would love to receive your feedback and comments on your experiences.

On the other hand I have decided to create a Ko-fi account for those of you who wish to support me with the project. I was not planning to do it but several people have convinced me to use these donations to invest them in Monsternomicon.

Thank you very much for allowing me to continue working on Monsternomicon and improving the Valheim experience every day!

  • Explore the Ashlands like Never Before
The Ashlands are now a living and aggressive land, populated by dead vegetation, huge obsidian mountains and smoldering fires. Its ash soils hide the forgotten constructions of an ancient civilization, which will not be at all happy to be disturbed in its slumber.

  • New and Old Enemies
Now Ashland has a total of 9 enemies, 5 of them completely new, to face in this land of fire and ash. A new enemy has also been added for the DarkWoods, the "Svartálfr Witch", and an old familiar (a request of many) has been updated, "The One Who Hunts in the Rain".

  • Burst Flames
The mechanic of some enemies bursting into flames when they die and showing a much more aggressive version of themselves has been recovered for the Ashlands... beware of this unpleasant surprise.

  • Eldthur, the Heart of Muspelheim
For those more audacious, the Ashlands hides a fearsome final boss that must be summoned using an altar. Luckily Vegvisir stones have also been added to find its location.



"The presence of the swarm watchers is usually only noticeable when their eight legs are at your back, unfortunately it is usually too late by then."

Arachnid Brood

"These swarm of spiderlings born from the eggs that infest the DarkWoods, overwhelming their prey with their sheer numbers and their poisonous bites."

Arachnid BroodMother

"Don't be fooled if you see one of the swarm mothers alone, her dozens of eight-legged offspring are usually close, very close... and all of them are hungry."


"With their divinity ripped away and dragged into the DarkWoods of Valheim, the dark elves are mere pale shadows of their former selves... shadows hungry for vengeance and driven by their grief."

Svartálfr Witch

"Some Svartálfr are renowned for her mastery over the elements and prophetic visions. Their people look to them as their guide and protector, knowing that their magic can bring them great fortune or dire calamity."


"These harmless spirits scurry through the twisted branches of the trees, dodging the sticky webs as they illuminate the darkness of the DarkWoods with their pale wake."

The Mourning Queen (temporaly disable)

"The devoted queen of the Svartfar still mourns the death of her partner. It is said that she is not afraid to exchange the souls of the wretched with Hel herself in exchange for bringing back from the underworld. "

Fire-breathing Drake

"Natural predators, these huge winged beasts fly over the tortured landscape of the AshLands searching for new treasures with greedy, hungry eyes."

Surtling and Elder Surtling

"Malicious spirits that burn with the fire of wrath. The AshLands have become the perfect habitat for these treacherous beings, who warily guard those fallen gifts from the heavens."

Obsidian Golem

"Crafted from the magic-infused obsidian that flows through the Ashlands. Its body is as hard as stone, impervious to most weapons, able to endure even the most punishing of attacks. Few dare to face it in battle, for they know it is nigh indestructible."


"Garmring is a fierce and powerful creature, its wolf-like form cloaked in flames that dance and flicker with each step it takes. Born from the bloodline of Garmr, the guardian of Hel's gate, these creatures possess a wild and unrelenting spirit that few can match."


"The Ashlands are capable of claiming a life, but also of giving one to the dark tar itself. "


"Already more coal than bone, these forgotten fallen warriors wander aimlessly through the desolate hills covered in soot and fire, leaving a furrow in the ash of the ground with their worn weapons."

Charred Priest

"Imbued with the power to control the very flames from deep within the Ashlands, few can withstand the heat of their blazing inferno, and those who do are left forever scarred by their encounter with these fearsome presence ."

The Father of All (temporaly disable)

"Legends speak of an icy mother hidden in the mountains, so it is not so far-fetched to think that there is also a fiery father who watches over his offspring."

The Damned One (temporaly disable)

"Little more than a hate-fuelled soul and a pile of charred bones, this cursed warrior is said to have claimed vengeance against the Gods themselves."

Eldthur, the Heart of Muspelheim

"Little is known of this immovable and intimidating mass of lava, obsidian and tar except that he is one of Hrungnir's many bastards. Unfortunately, he retain not only their titanic strength, but also their legendary irascibility."

Silver Golem

"The ancient magic hidden in the coveted silver has gifted the stone with life, turning these colossi of rock and metal into the enforcement arm of DeepNorth itself."

Boreal Spirit (temporaly disable)

"Used by the Dvergar of as guiding beacons in the cold, dark nights, the temperament of these elusive spirits varies as much as the harsh weather in the DeepNorth."


"The Cultists of Fenrir, crazed and fanatical, revel in their worship of the wolf deity. Believed to be cannibals, their devotion knows no bounds, and those who cross them often meet a gruesome fate."

Icebreaker Lox and Calf

"These huge beasts roam the frozen moors of the DeepNorth on an eternal pilgrimage. Their snow-coloured fur and larger size set them far apart from their Plains kin."

Dvergar (removed)

"The story of how the Dvergar arrived in the lands of Valheim is unknown, and like Haldor the trader, they are sparing with words although fortunately they are willing to help a lost traveler on his journey."

Pale-coat Fenring

"Their enormous size and strength make even their mountain littermates pale, while the white fur of these ruthless hunters camouflage them in the wintry snowy barren wastelands."

Pale-coat Wolf

"In the frozen wastelands, the Pale-Coat Wolf reigns supreme, its exceptional hunting skills and territorial nature striking fear into the
hearts of even the bravest adventurers who dare to cross its path."

Frost-Brood Serpent (temporaly disable)

"Giant Frost Serpent are in the habit of spawning on the icy shores of the north. Their offspring may not be as dangerous as an adult Serpent, but they can end up being a tough challenge if enough of them gather."

The One Who is Always Hungry (temporaly disable)

"Always hungry, never satiated… Run while you still can."

The Forgotten One (temporaly disable)

"Forgotten by time itself, the icy bones of this tormented soul still roam the barren frozen realms hoping to redeem its fate in combat. "

Jötunn (temporaly disable)

"If the gods themselves have trouble defeating these colossal beings...what can a mere mortal do against them?"

Storm-herald Wyvern (temporaly disable)

"Lightning is not the only thing that precedes thunder, but also this hideous hunter that hides in the blackness of storms and illuminates the dark sky with his breath laden with lightning and death."

Drowned Soul (temporaly disable)

"Not only do fish and treasure lie waiting to be discovered in the ocean depths, but also the vengeful souls of those who fed the ocean itself with their lives, waiting patiently to drag the unwary to their sea graves." 

Kraken (temporaly disable)

"Njörðr does not need to punish the fearless sailors who dare to sail the ends of Valheim... the Kraken does it for him."

Storm-devourer Vargr (temporaly disable)

"Their howls are often mistaken for thunder in the rain, a mistake not often repeated by those few who survive the onslaught of this deadly pack."

The One Who Hunts in the Rain

"Some predators prefer to hunt under the cover of darkness, the more astute ones choose the sound of thunder to drown out the cries of their prey and the rain to hide their tracks."

- Install the following required mods first:

RRR Monsters
(thunderstore link)

Spawn That

Drop That


Expand World

- Start the game, entering a world, to allow previously installed mods to create the necessary files.

- Download the last version of this mod and extract the zip file.

- Copy and paste the content in your BepInEx/config/ folder, replacing original files.

(Please note that all monsters and locations created by MonsterLabz have been disabled to avoid conflicts with the experience created in Monsternomicon. To re-enable them, simply modify the config files.)

Recommended Mods

Although it is not strictly necessary I strongly recommend downloading the following mod to enhance your gaming experience:

Terraheim - Weapons Tools and Armor

And what would be the point of visiting the AshLands if there is no reward? Luckily DasSauerkraut has created a whole new set of blazingly deadly weapons to combat all these new enemies using the resources found in this desolate wasteland.

I want to thank neurodr0me, ASharpPen123, DefendYourBase and JereKuusela creators of the mods requiered for Monsternomicon. Without your work and effort, Monsternomicon would never have been possible. Thank you very much!