About this mod

HD texture overhaul of the game whilst still remaining as close to vanilla in feel / colour scheme as possible. Almost all textures covered. Almost zero 'upscaled' textures, mostly handmade original replacements or selected online resources.

Permissions and credits

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DirectX only. Does not work with Vulkan for the moment.


Seasonality by RustyMods
A mod that adds Seasons, the textures are based off of this texture pack and so work very well together
Badger's Shading Overhaul
Far more realistic shader rendering, removes unrealistic shadow movement and dispersal
Aedenthorn's Custom Texture Mod
An excellent way to override any textures in my mod you don't like, just place alternative textures in the correct folder
Kailen37's First Person View

A great way to see my textures up closer, in a more immersive way.


Most people having CTDs, it's usually one of the following:

1 - Using mods that require Bepinex and not using latest version
2 - Using mods that haven't been updated and are therefore causing crash
3 - Using older version of my mod with latest version of Valheim
4 - Their Valheim has not updated for some reason, and so is an older version that my pack won't work with. 

It can be a headache trying to figure it out sometimes, my advice, empty Valheim_data folder of all Bepinex files and any mods. If in Steam do 'verify files' and make sure its totally updated and vanilla files. Then add in my pack manually, making sure it is the right version. Run to see if it works, then download LATEST bepinex and load game again, and then gradually add back in the various mods. 

CustomTexture mod versions of many of my textures are available here:
Willybach's Custom Textures