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This is my attempt at overhauling the textures of this great game, whilst trying as best I can to stick with the colour scheme and feel of vanilla. Covers most Biomes so far and most Building textures. Halfway through creatures/animals. Almost finished Weapons and Armor. Upscales and Optimizes remaining vanilla textures also.
Multiple version

Permissions and credits

Welcome to Willybach's HD Valheim. My attempt at overhauling the look of the game, making it more photo-realistic whilst staying as close as I can to the original look and feel of the game. Similar colour palette where possible etc. It currently covers most biomes and most Building and Crafting textures. Almost finished weapons and tools and halfway through creatures. What's still missing are a few armors and weapons, some creatures and animals and the Ocean biomes. 

VIDEOS available on my Youtube channel:

Any questions / suggestions etc by all means drop into my Discord server:

Willybach's Modding


Simply unzip and overwrite the same files in Valheim Date folder:




At present there are reported instances of compatibility issues with various CustomTexture mods, including Coco's and Candyman's. I have made a 'Compabibility' Version to try to overcome this problem. It has no filtering on any textures, which I believe may be responsible for the crashes as the CustomTexture mods also apply filtering. 

There are four different Versions of the mod currently:

Performance, Medium Quality, High Quality and Panoc's Version


Panoc is a major contributor to this mod, and has over the weeks reworked many textures, and made his own. As such we found it increasingly difficult to fit EVERYTHING in. Rather than waste good textures we decided to end up having a separate version. Panoc's version is probably around 80% the same textures as main, but the different ones are very visible, and so change the look and feel of the game considerably. His terrain tiles are different, bushes and many plants. If I had to summarise the different approaches at present I'd say that my terrain is closer to Vanilla in feel with straight grasses etc, while Panoc's plants, bushes and grasses are an attempt to be more photo-realistic. Also several of his buildings structures use other textures. If you want try out both versions and see which you prefer. 


HIGH QUALITY - Recommended for GPUs with 6gb+ Vram (Say Nvidia 1060 and better)
I actually get excellent fps on my rubbish Nvidia 970 (around 40-55 fps on FULL settings), but I cannot load the game if my character is in a large building. Also using Vulkan API seems to crash with me.

MEDIUM QUALITY - The one I'll be using, recommended for most people really, I get a very stable fps over 54-60 using Vulkan, and a decent 49-58 with DirectX.

PERFORMANCE - Pretty much good fps for most players, even with older cards (hopefully). I get a very stable performance and rarely dips below 50 fps unless in forest with lots of creatures.

Some tips from Sekoms for potential performance gain:


EDIT1: (minority receiving artifacts/lighting issues with "gfx-enable-native-gfx-jobs=1" applied, if you receive any of the issues listed above; just delete this line and your game will be fine)

Steam Launch Parameter edit line:
-window-mode exclusive -screen-fullscreen


Perhaps the biggest issue really with making this game HD, is that it isn't really optimised to be such. Some players might experience the dreaded 'seams' where you see lines on the terrain separating tiles. We have tried many things to remedy this. Using Mipmaps allows us to remove another issue, namely the shimmering affect that you get on the horizon with detailed terrain. But the mipmaps can make the seams worse. Personally I never see seams apart from sometimes in the snow. 

If you are getting bad seams you may want to try Panoc's versions which are optimised to strike a balance and minimise shimmering and seams by removing mipmaps and also applying some techniques to the terrain tiles. I have a lower end PC and notice that I still get some shimmering, whereas Panoc doesn't. I will also be uploading a modified version of mine, a Seam Fix version to try to achieve the same. 

CustomTexture mod versions of many of my textures are available here:
Willybach's Custom Textures

*MOUNTAIN BIOME - Not really looked at yet (although many of those textures will be already covered)

VIDEO of Building Structures by Dave C - thanks. 

Shieda Showcase Video - big thanks

Comparison Video by MonroeWorld (big thanks again, and great feedback)

Thanks also to Blacks, for sending me his World save with great architecture, for testing and photos!


UI Reworking

>>> Known Issues <<<

Some may experience 'seams' on terrain. This seems to vary from person to person. It might be a GPU issue that makes it worse for some. If so, please try Performance Version which has a smaller terrain texture. Also perhaps tweak your graphic card settings. I will try to improve this in future, but unfortunately it is largely a game design issue it seems, and is present to varying degrees in most texture packs (if not all). Colour choices in terrain may well reduce the issue still further.

 >>> P E R F O R M A N C E <<<

I've had a few people now asking about performance, so I thought it might be useful to paste some of the comments I've had so far to give people a better idea of what to expect:


"First thing's first, AMAZING JOB on these textures!  Not only do they look fantastic, but they somehow improved my FPS significantly."

Willybach, the textures look great.  I initially was running the potato pc version but decided to try the medium tier instead...I actually got about a 20ish FPS boost by switching to the medium vs the lowest....not sure why but it was a cool bonus.  Either way, it looks great and runs well.  Big thanks."

"I went straight for the highest quality version just for the heck of it and also experienced an FPS boost of about 10-15 in my base that was getting lamentably laggy (23-35 FPS, compared to my "natural" FPS of around 140 out in the wild.  It has been consistently better since downloading 2 days ago.  In addition to that, the higher resolution on many textures simply makes camera turns during the lower FPS areas "feel" smoother.  It's WAY easier on my eyes, which is a huge boon, considering I suffer from migraines, and Valheim's choppiness + low res texture combo was 100% triggering migraines for me.  
So this download has been a MAJOR plus for me all around."

"Looks great! I am not noticing much of a fps hit using the heighest quality pack with a 3080 at 5120x1440. Terraformed and builtup areas are heavily CPU bound so are still 30-40 fps. In the wilds it's consistently above 60, but maybe around 10fps lower than stock? I don't notice a difference, I need to check what my stock fps actually is though. I'd definitely be interested in trying with higher filtering and more 4k."

I am the one having the gridline issues, so I thought to give this a go. I am speechless! The game looks awesome. Great work my friend. 
Again I am astonished by what I am seeing in-game. You have turned Valheim from Warcraft to Skyrim!"

Very nice. Loving the textures. Including system info as a guage .
Every setting on High and 22 mods loaded.
Ryzen 7 3700X
RTX 3070
32Gig Ram
2560x1440 165hz
High Quality Version
79 Fps

I'm playing with your HD version downloaded on the 1st of May (0-71 verson), and it's looking great (RTX 2060 @ 2560x1440 resolution). Playing using Vulcan as that seems to have noticeably better frame rate ~50 to 60 fps v  ~40 to 45fps with standard settings. Absolutely no image issues that I noticed ~10 hours of play (Dark Forrest and Meadows mainly, with a bit of snow.  As a general comment, I really love your textures mod and appreciate your hard work... (just voted for you as mod of the month) and would encourage others too as well... it really adds to the game (though I do now feel a little sorry for killing a deer as they look way more real!)


Tried this out. Fantastic work, only reason i didn't end up using this is the fps hit, even with medium. Loved that you kept that wolf cape like the vanilla.