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Exo race from Bungie's Destiny 2, now fully customizable, in Starfield. You can even recreate your exo guardian!

Permissions and credits
Play as an Exo from Destiny 2, a synthetic body holding the conscious of a human mind, designed during the Golden Age of humanity! Choose between the many options as in the character creation of Destiny 2:
  • 14 distinctive faces (7 male, 7 female)
  • 20 head accessories
  • 27 colors for faces/accessories
  • 8 face decals for each face (with 27 colors)
  • 9 colors for eye and teeth (speech lights)
Plus my interpretation of Exo body based on Pathfinder Armor (credits to HooliG4N87), with 8 skin tones (credits to Boris4774)!
Before customizing your Exo character, read Exo Race Customization Guide from the article section for more info!
Install CharGenMenu 1.8.88 Patch if your game version is 1.8.88 to fix the "Select a background to continue" bug; it's not needed if you are playing 1.8.86
*You can choose not to play as an Exo, just disable ExoRacePlayer.esm

Also check out Exo Race NPCs which replaces some NPCs in game with Exos in a lore-friendly way!

About the race

What are Exos?
Exos are essentially human minds uploaded into an artificial body, initially developed to achieve immortality. Read more lores about them here.
What are the perks of being an Exo? (in Starfield)
Their synthetic body grants any Exo the ability to survive the vacuum without a spacesuit or helmet, plus 60 physical and 40 energy resistance (gameplay wise it's to compensate for you wanting to see your face and probably not wearing any helmets), 5 corrosion, 20 thermal and 20 airborne resistance. On the other hand, their synthetic body is more suspectible to electromagnetic damage with -25 EM resist, meaning that you can knock out one for minutes before they could be back on their feet.
Can I still eat, drink and Aurora as an Exo?
According to the lore, in order to avoid disparity between the mind and the perception which will drive the mind crazy, Exos are able to perform many activities as if they were still in flesh, such as eat, drink, ...
So can I still get +15% XP buff from Lover's Embrace?
... and, yes you guessed it, that. Now move along, nothing to see here...
Wait tell me more about the last topic...
theenco's Bionic Adapter mod
First, me linking this is clearly a joke; second, if you ever made it work, please make sure not to tell me about it...
Can I get custom faceplates/look exactly like [insert popular Exos here]?
For inquiry about custom frames, please contact [email protected]
[Guardian] Do I get my supers/class abilities if I play as an Exo?
Since the traveling white ball is nowhere to be seen, your best bet is some spinning rings in some randon temples. Safe journey guardian.
[Guardian] Will I lost memories when going through Unity?
Gameplay wise, no. Roleplay wise, it's your choice. Nothing prevents you from adding a dash and a number after your name in chargen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have Exos in game but still play as human/other races?
Yes. Just deactivate/delete ExoRacePlayer.esm
Can I use human armors/apparels as an Exo?
Yes. All spacesuits, helmets and backpacks are automatically compatible with Exo race. All apparels can be equipped, but some apparels have exposed arms/legs that will be invisible/rendered wth wrong textuer on an Exo. See Known Issues #4 for more.
Can I have multiple race mods installed with this one?
Yes, but the player can only be one race at a time, meaning you must deactivate player race record plugins until the only one left is the one you want to play as. Other race mods should specify their player race record plugins in their description, and for Exo race mod, the plugin is ExoRacePlayer.esm. Main plugin and assets can be left as is to support race NPC mods and such.
I want more Exos in the game!
Try Exo Race NPCs
My arm/leg is missing when wearing some apparels!
See Known Issues #4.
Can I play as an Exo without installing CharGenMenu mod?
You can if you start a new game and do not care about female face decals. If you are continuing on an existing save without CharGenMenu installed, the only way is to use "slm 14" which may have unforseen consequences with scripts related to backgrounds. Refer to Exo Race Customization Guide for more info.
It says "Select a background to continue" but I can't!
It's a CharGenMenu mod bug. See Exo Race Customization Guide for the fix.
The game crashes when entering chargen!
It's confirmed to be a CharGenMenu mod issue. See Known Issue #6 for the fix.

Known Issues
  • Customizing face decals works a little different than you think. Refer to Exo Race Customization Guide in the article section for more info.
  • The jaw does not move when an Exo npc gives speech. (The whole face including jaw is considered eyebrow, which apparently does not move when speaking)
  • The neck might slightly clip into certain apparels, and the glove might slightly clip through some sleeves.
  • Any apparels that does not cover arms or legs will render the skin texture incorrectly or invisible. Please report them to the discussion tab so I can start the feasibility study for a potential apparel patch mod.
  • During the character customization of a new game, your character will be wearing a space undersuit that visibly clips through body. To completely fix this issue a modification to MQ101 would be necessary, which is also a surefire way to conflict with many other mods, so I am sticking to the current solution with this visual clipping as a side effect.
  • Sometimes the game crashes when trying to open chargen menu. This is a CharGenMenu mod issue, and the most conclusive solution right now is to try again...
Things below are only an issue if you are trying to recreate your Exo guardian from Destiny 2:
  • Face and head accessory color #12, #20-#27 should be patterned in D2 but are solid color in this mod. I do not have access to the actual pattern, nor the secondary color for them, nor the reference photos to map the UV to the pattern, so unfortunately no carbon fiber faceplate this time.
  • Decal h (male exclusive) may not be accurate on face 1-6, as I don't have reference photos for them. This decal on face 7 is accurate because my guardian uses the exact configuration...
  • The eyes and speech lights are not really glowing, because the chargen menu can only swap color texture not emission (glowy) texture. My headcanon is they help with concealment in dark areas lol

  • Install with mod manager of your choice, or copy files manually if you know what you are doing (.ba2 files goes next to .esm files)
  • Put the main file (ExoRace.esm) into your load order. I recommend Plugins.txt Enabler for loading .esm plugins, refer to its mod page for instructions. Don't forget to grab all its prerequisites, and don't forget to put an asterisk * before the plugin you want to load!
  • Put the player race patch (ExoRacePlayer.esm) into your load order to play as an Exo. If you just need this mod as a prerequisite for Exo NPCs mod and don't want to play as an Exo, don't put this in your load order/delete this file.

Gameplay compatibility
Works with a new game or existing saves.
Compatible with any spacesuit/helmet from vanilla or mods.
Compatible with apparels, but may have wrong textures/invisible limbs if the apparel features naked skins on limbs.
Requires a patch with anything that modifies player record, if you are going to play as an Exo. Example: mods that boost your star power capacity/recharge in the form of an .esm plugin

Technical details
ExoRace.esm: will require a patch with other race mods, non-replacer mods that add more human face customizations and mods that modifies ENV_CND_CanBreathe_Completely [CNDF:001BBAB4]. Does not conflict with mods that add new/modify existing chargen presets.
ExoRacePlayer.esm: will require a patch with mods that modify player record. Also changes:
Overrides any other changes to:
HeadPartsChargenOptionsMale [FLST:0003D9AF]
HeadPartsChargenOptionsFemale [FLST:0003D9B0]
CharGenPresets [FLST:0003F551]

Modifies armor record Clothes_GenWare_01 "Space Undersuit" [ARMO:00165722]

Mods used in screenshots:

Ramen used in screenshot: NOCLUTTER_Food_ExclMenuItem_Xenofresh_XenofreshRamen "Xenofresh Ramen" [ALCH:00249C41]

HooliG4N83 for Pathfinder armor - Standalone
Boris4774 for Pathfinder Retextures
MaximusMaxy for Starfield Material Exporter
SesamePaste for Starfield Geometry Bridge
ElminsterAU for xEdit
Bungie for Destiny 2 (I want my Red Wars campaign back!)