As you see Exo is not a conventional race, therefore it requires some specific instructions to customize an Exo character.

Read the next section to avoid/fix "Select a background to continue" bug in chargen
Use preset to switch between male/female for your character, don't change body type
Eyebrow = face
Hair = head accessory
Eye/teeth color customizable
More inside on face decals

Before you start
You must install CharGenMenu if you want to play as an Exo and:
-is continuing from a save where the player is still Human; or
-use a female Exo frame and apply face decals on it; or
-use the preset feature to save your Exo character/load other's Exo
You can stay with vanilla chargen menu if you are starting a new game, don't care about female face decals or (risky!) use "slm 14" to redo customization entirely on an existing save (where you can reselect background and traits, but may cause issues with scripts).

After installing CharGenMenu, you'll have to do the following in order to fix the "select a background" bug from that mod:
Install CharGenMenu 1.8.88 Patch if your game version is 1.8.88 to fix the "Select a background to continue" bug; it's not needed if you are playing 1.8.86
Manual patching instruction:
1. Download CharGenMenu v1-0-0-1 from the "Old Files" section; use manual download so you don't confuse Vortex
2. Open the downloaded file, unzip and copy the 2 .swf files under Data/interface
3. Go to Starfield folder (in Vortex->Mods tab, click "Open->Game folder"), then go to Data/interface, paste the files and override

Create your character: First Step

Starting on an existing human character
Strip all apparels off your character (you must be naked to actually see changes in skin tone in chargen, and apparels with masks will cover your face...)
Go to any Enhance clinic (or use console command "slm 14 2"), then select a profile. You can customize the face etc later, but the option to switch body types is broken, so make up your mind in that regard.

Starting on a new game character
Select a preset, or a profile if you have CharGenMenu installed. The 2nd-8th presets are male (body type 1), the 9th-15th are female (body type 2). You can customize the face etc later, but the option to switch body types is broken, so make up your mind in that regard.

Create your character: Customization

Body tab
You can change the Thin/Muscular/Heavy slider, although it may not work when transiting from human to Exo on an existing save; it will work the next time you use Enhance clinic.
You cannot change body type (male/female) here; use presets to change it (2nd-8th are male/body type 1, 9th-15th are female/body type 2).
You can switch between 2 walking stances as usual.
You can choose between 8 skin tones, these only affects body and glove texture, anything above neck uses their own options in the next tab.

Face tab
There are 5 customizable parts: face, face decal, head accessory, eye color and teeth (speech light) color.
Face: change using "Eyebrow" and "Eyebrow Color" slider. There are 7 faces for male and 7 for female Exo frames, and 27 colors for each faces.
Face decal: there are 8 decals (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h) for each male faces and 8 (a,b,c,d,e,f,g,i) for female faces.
-For male faces:

use "Facial Hair" and "Facial Hair Color" slider (27 colors):

-option 1 = no decal
for the next 63 options, in every 9 options:
-the first option is a full-face no-texture mask that matches one of the 7 faces perfectly (it's just a helper option, not a playable decal)
-the next 8 options are decals for that face
For example, if you are looking for a decal for face 2, the helper option is 9th, and the next 8 options are for this face.
Yes I know this is complicated, but this is the only way to "draw" a decal over something that is not a "face" (exo faces are technically eyebrows remember)
-For female faces:
Yes, females can't have facial hairs, this is even implemented in engine level as the game won't even recognize "Facial Hair Color" records for female NPCs.

There are 8 decals for each female faces, but due to said limitation only white color is available. I'll try move them to jewelry category to expand the selection when I figure out how jewelry color change works.
To put decals on your female Exo frame, go to preset tab and look for a preset. It should be named as "_Exo_Female[face#][decal#]". Say you want to apply the "paint stroke"(decal #f) on female face 4, select "_Exo_Female04f". You can hold the mouse button and drag vertically on the preview NPC to zoom in.
Head accessory: change using "Hair" and "Hair Color". Choose between 20 accessories in 27 colors.
Eye color: 9 colors. The last 9 options are for Exo; the first several options are for human eyes and I have to keep them there or every NPCs in game will be broken.
Teeth (speech light) color: 9 colors. The last 9 options are for Exo; the first several options are for human, choosing them makes the speech light black which can be useful when roleplaying a mute Exo.

Recreating your guardian from Destiny (2)
*If your guardian is created after Beyond Light/Season of the Hunt (#12), "Muscular" translates to Male (body type 1) and "Feminine" translates to Female (body type 2) in Starfield.

If you still have character creation references for your Exo guardian, you may find these handy:
-Face 1-7 for male and female are in the same order as in D2 character creation
-Face/head accessory color 1-27 are in the same order as in D2, but these colors are solid instead of patterned: #12, #20-#27
-Eye/mouth color 1-9 are in the same order as in D2
-Head accessories are not in the same order as in D2, since I made male/female exclusive accessories available to both, and there are 20 in total.
-Face decal color 1-27 are in thesame order as in D2, but face decals 1-8 are not. Use the reference picture or scroll through all options to find the right one.
-Male face decal 8 (triple stripe) may not be accurate on face 1-6 since I cannot find enough reference pictures. on face 7 it's accurate because that's what my guardian has lol

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