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Changes and expanded content for the Ginger Island NPCs (including full NPC Professor Snail and a de-Gungan-ed Gourmand). Super modular - pick which changes you want and which you don't!

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Russian
1. Birdie
  • Choose between Birdie's vanilla look (or any other portraits you may have for her) or a Pacific-Islander-inspired edit.
  • Changes her backstory slightly (she is now also a former pirate) and she will now reference Leo and the pirates at the cove, along with some other small changes and additions to dialogue.
  • Adds a new event if you visit her side of the island during the days when pirates visit the cove.

2. Professor Snail
  • When you complete his collection he is freed from his desk and will wander around the island as a real NPC
  • Choose between Snail's vanilla look or a Pacific-Islander-inspired edit.
  • Changes some of his dialogue to talk more about the island, the parrots, and theories about its history, as well as making him less of a Victorian bone-thief and more of a scientist and scholar. Ridgeside Village fans might recognise the name of the nearby university he works at!
  • Choose between male Snail and female Snail (vanilla and Pacific Islander portraits/sprites available for both, choose "vanilla" or "modded" in portraits just as you would if Snail is set as male)

Snail's gift tastes:
  • Loves
  • Likes
  • Hates

3. The Gourmand Frog
  • Makes his dialogue plainer/less Gungan

4. Leo
  • Choose between Leo's vanilla look (or any other portraits you may have for him), a Malaysian-inspired version, a Melanesian-inspired version, or a new vanilla version in the same style.
  • Changes Leo's storyline slightly so that he has been looked after by Birdie as well as the parrots during his time on the island.
  • Adds some mentions of Birdie, Snail and the pirates to his dialogue along with other minor changes to his dialogue and events.

There are no edits made to the Ginger Island maps themselves so mods like which edit the Island farm, make tide pools walkable, etc, will still work!

Configuration Options:
1. Birdie Portraits
- "vanilla" (either base game or any other portraits you have for her) or "modded" (Pacific Islander), defaults to "modded"
2. Full NPC Snail - "on" (allows you to unlock Snail as an NPC once you've completed their collection), "off with portraits" (no NPC but allows you to change their portraits), or "off without portraits" (no NPC, leaves him default or with whatever other portrait you have for him)
3. Snail Portraits - "vanilla" or "modded" (Pacific Islander), defaults to "modded"
4. Snail Gender - "male" or "female", defaults to "male"
5. Leo Portrait - "vanilla" (either base game or any other portrait you may have for him), "modded vanilla", "Malaysian" or "Melanesian", defaults to Malaysian.
6. The Gourmand - "vanilla" (his base game dialogue) or "modded" (just as annoyingly vague but doesn't talk like Jar Jar), defaults to "modded"

Future plans:
  • More heart events for Professor Snail, including bonus ones with NPCs from various other mods!
  • Seasonal outfits for Leo
  • A rhyming riddles version for the Gourmand (I picture him as some Ghibli-esque nature spirit like the Trash Bear and I feel like weird rhymes would work for this!)
  • Give Birdie a little shop
  • Full NPC Birdie

Special thanks to lemurkat for starting the work on NPC Snail!
Thank you Asterisk for fixing female Snail's sprites!

Known issues:
  • The game sometimes needs to be reloaded for Professor Snail's behind-the-desk sprite to replaced when he becomes a proper NPC, so you may have two Snails for a little while if you don't!
  • If this is installed after you've seen Leo's events and he's moved to the Valley he may go back to his original schedule on the island.

  • This mod should be compatible (in terms of code, lore is a whole other matter) with mods like Canon Friendly Dialogue Expansion, SVE, etc. Mods that edit the same events and dialogue (e.g. Emyn's Diverse Ginger Island which provides a more thorough overhaul of Ginger Island's story content) will have issues, for now you'll need to pick one or the other.
  • Full NPC Professor Snail is not compatible with any mods that change his (or her) sprites and portraits, such as Poltergeister's Slightly Cuter Aesthetic mods, due to the internal code changes required to make him a full NPC - the sprites and portraits in this mod will override them.