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Adds diversity to Ginger Island, with new sprites and rewritten events. Yeets colonialism.

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Brief Overview

This mod modifies all Ginger Island characters to be a small indigenous group, and adds a number of fixes to limit how much colonialist ideas play out on the island. A number of interactable anthro characters are now human, and those that were human have been amended so that their speech and dialogue is appropriate. Events have been rewritten to provide Leo with an entirely new character arc that isn't pseudo-Mowgli. Ginger Island sprites and portraits have been redesigned to display more ethnic diversity.

A full list of what the mod changes is available at the bottom, under Spoilers.


Stardew Valley 1.5+
- Content Patcher 1.23.0+
- SMAPI 3.12.6+

Please note this mod significantly modifies the dialogue and sprites of the Gourmand, Leo, Birdie and Professor Snail, and will likely clash with any mod that also modifies these.


Just drag and drop into your mod folder.


A lot of folk were quite uncomfortable with how the story arc and characters of Ginger Island really played into the
stereotypical colonialist narrative (jojaqualityheadcanons has a really great post on it here). This mod probably won't solve all the issues with the new content, but it is trying to make it better. The mod rewrites a number of the events to play out differently, and also creates a small group of indigenous people known as the Sins'r.

General Tweaks

Every Ginger Island character will occasionally use words and phrases from a Sins'r conlang, for example "esk" for friend, and "tama" for nana or grandma. Leo and Birdie are now related, and will sometimes refer to each other in their dialogue and events.

Island Trader

No longer run by a bird, this is now run by Trader Sialia. She does not dance, but you can still buy things from her.


Quite frankly I have no idea what the heck was going on with this guy but I hated him and the way he spoke. The Gourmand is now Hunter Onca, a local friendly enby who meditates in a cave near your house. The Gourmand's weird dialogue is now gone, and Onca speaks normally. Onca's quite interested in trying produce from the mainland, and will still ask you to grow crops for them.


Birdie's sprite has now been modified to have brown skin, and kinky white hair. She is Leo's grandmother, and was looking after him until he insisted on moving to his own place. She now asks you to find the locket of her pirate captain wife. Once found, she will say that she's found closure and perhaps it's time to move on from her grief.

Professor Snail

The skeevy "bone business" has now gone, and instead its Professor Snail, indigenous historian, that ends up in the cave. Snail's sprites and portrait have been updated, and he is now a Black young man with dreadlocks. Snail informs you that he is the keeper of the Sins'r's fossils and bones, but a nasty storm meant that the bones and remains of their dead were scattered across the island, and he asks you to bring them back. His dialogue has been amended fairly significantly to be more respectful to the island.


Leo is no longer a child, but a young man just turned sixteen. His sprite and portrait have also been amended to show a young dark-skinned man with an intricately shaved head. His dialogue has been significantly amended so that he now speaks proper English, and is generally more mature. Rather than talking to parrots, he now trains them, and feels this is a significant part of his heritage.

His entire story arc has changed as well - no more pseudo-Mowgli! Instead, Leo is a young man torn between staying home and travelling the world. The Sins'r's numbers have been dwindling, and his brother Oto left for the Gotoro Empire a year ago, leaving him bereft. Throughout the farmer's interactions with him, Leo has the opportunity to discuss his feelings about his home, and his desire to experience more and follow his brother. During his 6-heart event, Linus invites him to take a temporary sabbatical in the valley, with the option of returning home whenever he wants.

Once on the mainland, he develops a small crush on Sam, referred to in dialogue and during his 9-heart event.

Patch Amendments

These are not accessible unless you have the relevant mod installed.

East Scarp by LemurKat and Kdau

Modifies Leo events to be more lore friendly. Modifies Eloise's Leo-related dialogue and heart events - she still has a crush, and is a bit of a fangirl! Her jealousy has been transferred from Jas to Sam to match DGI lore, and dialogue has been amended to match this.

Stardew Expanded by FlashShifter

Modifies Leo's 9 heart event to fix pathing issues. Modifies Lance's island events to reference the Sins'r. Amends a number of small dialogue strings to be lore friendly. (This is a bit tempermental at the moment - I'm working on fixing it!)