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This mod reveals all the loved and liked gifts for the NPCS. In addition, you get more useful secret notes (optional). All immersive and well integrated into gameplay.

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  • Mandarin

Are you tired of looking up stardew-wiki for stuff? Are you too cheap to gift everyone a strawberry to find out who likes, loves or even dislikes them? Are you a completionist and dont want to gift every item to the people just to reveal the icons? Are you replaying SDV for the 10th time and know everything by heart anyway?

Well, my friends... in that case: this mod is for you.

Gift Guide (Main Mod):
The mod edits the secret notes you can find once you get the magnifying glass in winter, year one.
3 secret notes have been edited. Once you read them, they will reveal the liked and loved items of the mentioned NPC.
All liked and loved items are included
only exceptions: small version of eggs and milk and general cooking that is only liked are omitted by this mod.

This way you can start the game the regular way, but at the end of year one you can find the secret notes that help your gift game go to the moon!

This mod works, even if you already found the notes. just read it to trigger the update of the gift log.
BEWARE: The reveal of your gift log is saved in your save game (as usual, vanilla game mechanics, i did not change this).
That means if you save with the revealed gift log, it will stay that way even if you unistall the mod again.

Customize Options
Toggled via Config.json editing or using Mod Config Menu.

Low Lag Mode (default OFF)
you can swtich on log lag mode which disables the reveal function attached to the secret notes. Once you read the notes and saved your game, there is no need for the game to trigger that function everytime you hover above the notes. you can switch to this mode to reduce lag if you experience any. Keep in mind, you have to disable this, if you want to reveal the gift tastes.

More Useful Notes
This feature replaces some of the now obsolete secret notes  (like the shopping list, or Maru's letter)  or the less interesting ones with REALLY USEFUL information like:
- the journal of a desperate fisherman hunting the "Legend"! He made notes of all the fish and locations. Dont need to google it anymore.
-a contract from the adventures guild observing monsters and their typical floor levels in the mines.
- hints to more unknown sidequests or mechanics of the game.

1. make sure to download and install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
Generic Mod Config Menu is optional but recommended, to switch easy on/off in case you want to change.
2. download the  .zip
3. unzip/extract it
4. place the folder into your Mods folder.
5. Configuration.json gets created after first start with the mod. You can
edit the settings via Generic Mod Config Menu if you have it installed.
6. feedback is welcome, enjoy :)!

1. delete the mod inside your mods.

Should work with everything that does not edit the specific secret notes.
This mod was written in English.
No homemade scripts or funky stuff. just SDV internal functions and strings.

1.  When hovering your cursor over the secret notes icon of the gift guide your game may lag a bit depending on your system. This is due to the fact, that the game needs to update a SHITTON of gifts in your log at that millisec. This is how SDV does this.

Thanks for your download, enjoy and let me know if you have any suggestions or find bugs!

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