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Replaces the Blobfish with the new Pearlfish. Adds customizable Fish Pond Loot for Pearlfish.

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Maybe you had a similar problem like me. So you want to raise some fish on your farm and its got to be a fish worth the effort, we want $!
Lava Eel is superb but i dont want lava lakes on my farm.
Blobfish can even drop Pearls, but looking at it literally gives me nightmares.

So this mod does 2 things:

1. It replaces the graphics and description for Blobfish to:

Pearl Fish: "A beautiful fish only found in the deep sea reefs. Its jaw can crack open even the hardest seashells."
Purely asthetics, so no gameplay changes.

Now this is a feel-good-fantasy-fish mod so i have no intention to make the fish "realistic". Nonetheless i tried to make it as coherent as possible.
The fish can be cought only in the submarine (like the blobfish, which it replaces) - therefore deep sea fish. Since the Blobfish / Pearlfish has a chance of dropping pearls in a fish pond, the story goes like this: The Pearl Fish prays on smaller shellfish, sometimes leaving the indegestible pearls after his meal. Thats it.

2. Configurable Fish Pond Loot: (3 options to choose from)

- "Roe": Same Loot as Blobfish but no totem drops instead you get increased pearl drop ( from 2,5% -> 5%). Otherwise the regular fish roe will be generated. 
--- for people who dont want totems to be found in their Pearl Fish pond and a little more frequent pearl drops. Otherwise pretty much vanilla.

- "Coral":  5% pearl (pop 9), 5% nautilus (pop 9), 5% rainbowshell (pop 6), otherwise coral drops.
--- for people who dont want to bother with fish eggs and jars. Here the fish just leaves all the shells and corals for you to collect. Its a nice source for coral to craft deluxe speed grow, btw.

- "Pearls": 5% pearl (pop 0), 5% pearl (pop 6), 10% pearl (pop 9 ). In total with a maxed out fish pond of Pearl Fish you get nearly 20% chance of a pearl to drop. Nothing else will drop from that pond. So you get on average every 5 days a pearl. I hope this is balanced to fit in the regular game. Let me know your opinion.
--- for the true pearl farmer out there! Keep your fish eggs and trash, I WANT PEARLS!

- OFF : if you choose this option,  no changes are made to the fish pond. Use this if you dont like any of the changes or have compatibility issues with other fish pond mods.

Like the fish but dont want to replace the Blobfish?
Lemurkat has made a mod as a standalone version with this fish, check it out

1. make sure to download and install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
2. download the  Pearlfish_Mod.rar
3. unzip/extract it
4. place the "[CP]Boogie Pearlfish Mod" folder into your Mods folder.
5. feedback is welcome, enjoy :)!

1. delete the "[CP] Boogie Pearlfish Mod" folder inside your mods.

Should be fine with everyhting. If you have other Mods installed that change the fish pond data  just turn the Produce Config "OFF".
If you want to use the animated version , make sure to install Content Patcher Animations.

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Thanks and Credits
Gervig91, thanks to who you have the aquarium version and the mask! Made it even animated!