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Cleans up the cellar + adds new area with tillable tiles like in the greenhouse. (works for SDV 1.5)

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works with the new SDV 1.5

Hello my dear modding aficionados!

This is a small overhaul of the cellar in the farm house. The goal is to add a little more space and another indoor farming opportunity without the use of gardenpots, since their use is cumbersome without mods. Instead: you get a new area with tiles like in the greenhouse. In addition the cellar is now cleaner and repaired, our beloved carpenter Robin surley wouldnt build it any other way for 100.000 :).
It tries to blend into the vanilla game and is reasonable in size to not overpower the cellar feature.

What does it do: (see pictures)

- Cellar looks now repaired and clean.
- 4 Versions to choose from.
- New area with tillable tiles like in the greenhouse. 6x12 (for 8 Quality Sprinklers/ or 2 Iridium Sprinklers)
- there is also a waterplace, which works with your gardening can.
- you can configure with decoration or without.
- fully configurable: choose which version do you want, all ingame with the Generic Mod Config Menu.

-with greenhouse dirt field.
-with floortiles 4 for indoor gardenpot-farm design. (if you have a mod installed like "casks everywhere" and want to do more farming)
-with floortiles 3 for indoor gardenpot-farm design.
-with floortiles 2 for indoor gardenpot-farm design.

All Versions with our without barrels and wood decoration.

1. make sure to download and install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
Generic Mod Config Menu is optional but recommended.
2. download the  Cellar_Expansion.rar
3. unzip/extract it
4. place the "[CP] Boogie Cellar Expansion" folder and "Boogie Cellar Soil Fix folder" into your Mods folder.
5. Configuration.json gets created after first start with the mod. You can
edit the settings via Generic Mod Config Menu if you have it installed.
6. feedback is welcome, enjoy :)!

1. Best practice is to remove everything from the cellar and save and close the game.
2. Overwrite the previous files (see INSTALLATION).
3. Put everything back.

1. remove all things you placed insinde the new area.
2. safe the game.
3. delete the "[CP] Boogie Cellar Expansion" folder and "Boogie Cellar Soil Fix" inside your mods.

Works with everything that does not edit/replace the Cellar.tbin Map.

1. When you change from greenhouse version to any other, make sure to remove any "tilled" patches (with the pickaxe). will look kinda funny otherwise. 

Thanks for your download, enjoy and let me know if you have any suggestions or find bugs!
Thanks to Pathoschild for helping me on the C# side of things and dll! His advice on discord saved me days of trail and error.

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