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About this mod

Organizes the vanilla Stardew Valley crafting menu. Now it is tidy and more functional.
optional: customizable quality-of-life tweaks and recipes.

Permissions and credits
When installed, only the main mod is switched on by default (English by default).
All other moduls have to be toggled on. You can do this via the Ingame Mod Menu (if installed) or editing the config file (There is a readme with the keywords)

Supported Languages

Coming soon (Deutsch, Espanol, Portugues, Francais, Italiano, Magyar, Türk, Russian
(русский), Japanese (日本語) , Korean (한국어), Chinese (中國人))

Main Mod (default on)
Organizes the vanilla crafting  menu, no other changes.
You can choose between 2 options:
small craftables first (default) or big craftables first.

Optional Features and Rebalanced Recipes
Toggled via Config.json editing or using Mod Config Menu. You can switch any of the options on or off separately. Only the Rare Seed and Burglars Ring recipe need main mod to be switched on.

- Quality Fertilizer uses 2 Sap/ 1 Slime instead of 2 Sap / 1 Any Fish.
Compared to the basic fertilizer the quality fertilizer was hardly worth the trouble. And why would i waste my time to fish some trash fish for fertilizer? This change makes the quality fertilizer feasible in my opinion. There is always slime somewhere ^^.
You can choose between a version to craft 1 fertilizer or 5 fertilizer (adjusted cost) at once. If you have huge fields and need a lot of fertilizer and dont want to press 1000x the button like me :)

- Wild Bait uses 5/5/5  or 3/3/3 or 1/1/1 (fiber/slime/bug meat)
I found myself always short of fiber and never using the wild bait because it felt overpriced compared to regular bait.

- Gras Starter cost 2 or 3 Fiber instead of 10
Animals eat so much gras, i need more fiber. Why is common weeds the rarest ressource in Pelikan Town?

- Bombs use less Ore and Mega Bombs use only Gold/Coal Ore.
This Module comes in 3 Versions to choose: All bombs use 2 Ore/3 Ore/4 Ore + 1 Coal for crafting. Choose the version you like most for balancing.
The idea is to make bombs more affordable to craft. I always feel guilty of blowing up 4 gold ore + void + sloar essence just to find 3 rocks. Well, worry no more!

- Explosive ammo uses 2/3/4 Copper Ore + 1 Void Essencel instead of 1 Iron Bar + 2 Coal.
Since bombs are already a huge iron dump, and copper is stockpiling for me. Void Essence needs a use as well so here we go. They are more affordable with this recipe so go nuts if you have a lot of copper with no use. You can choose how much copper ore is used for your own balancing

- New Rare Seed recipe: 20 Mixed Seeds.
You have to sort a lot of seeds to find a Rare Seed. Its only 1 in 20! Finally a use for mixed seeds. (unlocked level 9 foraging)
20 mixed seeds would net you 1000 gold+ depending on season, so i figured this is a fair value compared to the travelling merchant.

- New Burglar's Ring recipe: 1 Gold Bar / 50 Void Essence. 
Killing 500 dust sprites takes way too long. (unlocked level 8 combat)

- Golden Bomb retexture of Mega Bomb.
This is just a bonus for you. I made a retexture of the Normal Bomb in golden colour for the Mega Bomb. Since Mega Bombs use gold ore, why not make them golden? I never liked the style of the original mega bomb much.

- No Jack-o-Lantern
Removes the recipe form crafting. I never used it so i got rid of it.

1. make sure to download and install SMAPI and Content Patcher.
Generic Mod Config Menu is optional but recommended, to switch easy on/off in case you want to change.
2. download the  .zip
3. unzip/extract it
4. place the folder into your Mods folder.
5. Configuration.json gets created after first start with the mod. You can
edit the settings via Generic Mod Config Menu if you have it installed.

1. best practice is to delete the old mod and just install the new version!

1. delete the mod inside your mods.

Please note, due to the nature how the sorting works i had to replace the whole crafting.xnb file. I know , i know.
This makes the mod unfortunately highly incompatible with other mods that change crafting
.There is a way however, which you can integrate other recipes in this mod with some minimum txt editor skills.
Inside the asset folder i included all the CraftingRecipes.json files (for each language 2 versions: small first, big first). The mod actually doesnt use those, it uses the according .xnb files. I left the .json files inside the asset folder, since you can easily edit those and repackage them with this tool into the .xnb. This way, you can add or change recipies to the crafting menu. So if you use another mod that adds recipies, copy those recipies into the CraftingRecipes.json  (mind your version and language settings) - repackage it to a .xnb and paste it back into the asset folder of this mod. done. The order the lines are written inside the CraftingRecipes.json is the order the items show up in the menu.

Another solution may be to make sure the mod loads before your other mods, that add crafting recipes.

Thanks for your download, enjoy and let me know if you have any suggestions or find bugs!

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