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Changing the games music via content pack

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To create a ContentPack for CM, write a standard manifest.json and add a content.json file.
You can download a simple template under Optional Files.

manifest.json example:
  "Name": "Custom Music Template",
  "Author": "Platonymous",
  "Version": "1.0.0",
  "Description": "Template for Custom Music",
  "UniqueID": "Platonymous.CustomMusic.Template",
  "ContentPackFor": {
    "UniqueID": "Platonymous.CustomMusic",
    "MinimumVersion": "1.0.0"

content.json example:
"Music" : [
"Id": "MainTheme",
"File": "theme.ogg",
"Loop": true,
"Ambient": false
"Id": "spring_day_ambient",
"File": "ambience.ogg",
"Loop": true,
"Ambient": true
"Id": "title_night",
"File": "select.ogg",
"Loop": true,
"Ambient": false

Id: The Id the games uses for the Song this is going to replace
(List of Ids by Cane: Google Doc)

File: Your music file (currently only supports .ogg)

Loop: If it should loop

Ambient: Whether or not this is an ambient sound

Requires SMAPI.