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Adds over 500 new sentences of dialogue onto vanilla, and over 175 conversations. Different dialogue every day of the week, every season, every heart level, every day before festivals, and every year. Compatible with alistairweekend’s Doki Doki Harvey dialogue.

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  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin

I was romancing the lovely Harvey in my game, and wanted to give him a bit of brightness in-game and show off the sweet, shy, doctor man I know that he is deep down! 

This mod is compatible with alistairweekend’s Doki Doki Harvey dialogue, as I made it so that there is no day-month dialogue overlap. Also compatible with Marriage Expansion Dialogue. 
However, I did not check any other dialogue expansion mod than what's listed above! In the case that you have multiple dialogue mods, the mod that loads last will be the one that dialogue is based off of. 
If you have the Stardew Dialogue Expansion, my mod should still work, there would just be missing dialogue from either mine or their mod (depending on which loads first in the mod loading order). 

My mod is also compatible if you use it in the middle of a save (ie- adding it in Fall of your second year, or whatever~)

♡ Install the latest version of SMAPI.
♡ Download the Content Patcher Mod
♡ Download my mod and Unzip it into the Stardew Valley/Mods folder
♡ Open the game using SMAPI.

If you fear it didn't load properly, start a brand new save, and talk to Harvey for the first time.
The last sentence of his introduction dialogue ends in “equally rewarding, in time” in the vanilla game, and my mod changes it to “equally rewarding, too”. 

♡ I added over 500 sentences of dialogue at various heart levels.
♡ Heart level dialogue changes vary from 2 hearts all the way to 10 hearts.
♡ Added dialogue based on the season and the weather around him
♡ Added dialogue based on certain upcoming dates (for example, birthdays) and festivals.
♡ All dialogue is gender neutral and does not change between chosen presenting gender.
♡ NO marriage changes (will likely work on it as a different mod!)

Mods used in the screenshots:

Mod banner artwork created by the official Stardew Valley Board Game!