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It's a dark brown recolor of the user interface.

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After developing a better understanding of how the ConfigSchema works for content patches, I changed the mod to use config options so users won't have to go into the content.json to deactivate parts of what this mod changes (since it's SO easy to get one small character wrong in that file and then have to figure it out--part of the learning curve I'm still traversing). Now you go into the config.json in this mod's folder and change any parts of the mod you want deactivated from "true" to "false" in the config file. If you don't have a config file, run your game once and it will make one. Restart your game to see the changes.

For some reason the update keys in the manifest weren't working in my game and I was getting that yellow error. I figured it might irritate other players as well, so once I fixed it I posted it here. Mod will function without this update, you just won't get the yellow notification in SMAPI anymore.

I don't really know why I just spent the last few days making this interface, except I wanted one other than the vanilla interface that didn't clash with dark wood recolors of in-game items and home decor I use in my game. It was a little fun, too, and I particularly like how the community center junimo notes turned out.

I looked around for a dark wood interface and didn't really find what I wanted.

I think I did an okay (sort of "meh") job on this.

Will take suggestions on how to improve it. Be kind, though. I'm a sensitive gal. Haha.

Thanks to others who have recolored the interface for their work to inspire the idea, the creators of dark wood recolors of in-game items, and the creators of Content Patcher that makes it possible to use such a thing without replacing xnb files.

On that note, this content pack obviously requires Content Patcher and SMAPI.