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Ever wished the romances in Stardew Valley were a little more like Harvest Moon? I'm here to help! This mod gives Harvey fifteen (15) new lines of in-character romantic dialogue guaranteed to give you the blushes and giggles.

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  • Spanish
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Doki Doki Dialogue (aka Stardew Valley Romance Project): Harvey Edition

I love Stardew Valley, but I always thought the romances were pretty lackluster. As a writer, a game design student, and simply an avid fan of games with cute romances, I've taken up the mantle of fluffing up Stardew Valley in its romance department. This project has been over two years in the making. Harvey is my fifth addition!

What this mod contains:
Fifteen (15) new lines of romantic dialogue for Harvey written by yours truly with much effort put forth into ensuring they're all in-character. In total, there is one 4-heart line, four 6-heart lines, and then five 8- and 10-heart lines each.

Content Patcher Version (Recommended):
This version of the mod is for use with PathosChild's Content Patcher. You MUST have both the Content Patcher and SMAPI installed for it to work. If you don't already have those things, this version will be a tiny bit more work to install, but it is recommended because you'll be notified of updates by SMAPI on startup. It is also more compatible with other dialogue mods (though compatibility is NOT guaranteed). 

The Content Patcher version contains all available translations (English, German, and Portuguese) and is compatible with both the base game and multiplayer.

  • Download and install the latest version of SMAPI if you don't have it already.
  • Download and install the Content Patcher if you don't have it already.
  • Download the Content Patcher version of this mod under the "Main Files" section.
  • Unzip the folder into your "Stardew Valley\Mods" folder (it should be a single folder titled "DokiDokiDialogue_Harvey_CP").

XNB Version:
This version replaces Harvey's original XNB file, and is therefore not compatible with any other dialogue mods for him. If you want to use it with other mods, you will have to merge it yourself using the "Isolated Lines" file I've provided under the "Optional Files" section.

  • Download the file titled "Doki Doki Dialogue - Harvey" from the "Main Files" section.
  • Unzip the folder. There should be three folders within, each labeled with a language. 
  • Choose which language(s) you'd like to install, and back up the original files for the relevant languages from the "Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Dialogue" folder.
  • Drag the downloaded files into the "Stardew Valley\Content\Characters\Dialogue" folder. 
  • If you chose to use the English file, make sure you take the "_dialogue" portion out of the file names. Your game will crash if you don't do this. The other languages should be named correctly.

Things to note:
This mod does NOT:
- replace any vanilla dialogue.
- contain any post-marriage dialogue.
- alter/add any heart events.

I heavily based the general feeling of my dialogue on the way romances are paced in Harvest Moon: Animal Parade. With my mod installed, Harvey will show signs of falling for you at six hearts, and the lines will become progressively romantic as his heart level increases. Stemming from this, the mod assumes you have given/will give Harvey the bouquet as soon as he reaches eight hearts. There are no direct references, but the lines become more explicitly romantic, assuming you reciprocate his feelings, at that point.

This mod is completely safe for work! It's all sappy, fluffy goodness. Nothing gross. Please don't ask me to write anything NSFW; I will not do it.

Nothing other than the base game is required for this mod to work.

Want to follow my progress on the project? Interested in playtesting for me before publishing? Or just have a question? Check out the development blog!

Do you like this mod and the work I do? If so, please consider buying me a coffee!


Stardew Valley and all of Harvey's dialogue before my addition belong to ConcernedApe.
The German translation of my dialogue was done by SarahSummery. The Portuguese translation is by beautiful-world-sims.

Mods that can be seen in the photos:
CJB Cheats Menu
I highly recommend all of them!

Thank you so much to my playtesters who provided valuable feedback:


Other Doki Doki Dialogue files: