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Are you tired of there being so little ore on your mining runs? With this mod you can choose to increase the chances of ore being placed on the map. By default it retries up to 3 times to place ore instead of the default yucky stone.

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This mod REcalls the games own "chooseStoneType" function a number of times if it doesn't give COPPER, IRON, GOLD or IRIDIUM ore. This ensures that only the correct ore the game wants on a map will be on that map, and sometimes no ore at all is wanted by the game so that will also be the case with this mod.

ie You will not increase chances of gold ore on level 1, it entirely depends on the games own logic for what TYPES of ore to place on each map. It simply increases the chances of whatever ore can be found on a map, to be found on that map. So you will still need to grind to levels 40+ to get lots of iron and levels 80+ to get lots of gold.