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FYI: I have just updated my username from pl611 to proudunicorn, as it's not very easy to pronounce pl611!




I love Stardew mods!


I had zero modding or computer experience before I started modding Stardew. So, if you have never modded before and think you couldn't do it, believe me - if I can, you can!

I have mostly used Content Patcher and JSON assets and PFM to mod so far, and am just starting to have a look at making a SMAPI mod for the first time :unsure: If you are interested in following what I am learning along the way, I have a blog  here
where I aim to log useful info and tips and links I pick up.


I'm also on the stardew discord as lauren_aka_proudunicorn#2484, please feel free to message here or @ me there.


I wanted to share my favourite mods here, but there are so many! I particularly enjoy mods that have introduced me to different foods and plants from around the world. For example, I learned from a tree mod that Meleuca is the botanical name for tea tree! so cool!

I'm also (as you can probably tell from my username) a big fan of mods that add diversity, such as DSVO & its spiritual successor Diverse SVE, Multiple Spouses, and Platonic relationships!