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A common complaint I've seen for this game is that spouses completely lose their personality after marriage. This WIP mod aims to bring it back by merging their original schedules with their married schedules.

Permissions and credits
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  • Mandarin
This mod is a WIP. All characters are still likely to get improved on in the future. If you would like something added to your spouse's schedule feel to comment it. This mod wasn't made for me, it's made for the people who want back the spouse they fell in love with before the wedding.

By default most spouses only have 2 days they go out (usually Mon and Fri), with the rare exception of Penny, Maru, and Harvey. Some spouses even only go out on 1 day (Haley, Leah). This mod will attempt to increase the days they go out to 4 days by adding the necessary amount of days needed.

This mod won't simply duplicate their old schedule 4 times over on different days. The new schedules will have your spouse return to their hobbies and the places they normally went to, with some new areas sprinkled in. They will go to their yearly doctor's checkup as well, some will even go to the Night Market.

This mod has to sacrifice three things in order to work, one of which you may consider good
  1. You will have less opportunities to see your spouse's dialogue simply because they are going out twice as much. However, one could argue that's better as it makes the dialogue less repetitive since you're seeing the same lines less often now.
  2. You will however, ironically, get more repetitive dialogue as your spouse says the same thing when they go to leave (I am working on a solution to this which you can see in the "future plans" section). See the below spoiler tag to understand why.
  3. Your spouse will have less of a chance to do chores around the house. Same as #1, only because they are going out twice as much. This shouldn't matter that much late game regardless.

A little more in depth on some things

Randomized Dialogue (WIP) Visit your spouse!

In order to make up for the dialogue you lose from your spouse going out twice as much, spouses have randomized, newly written, dialogue at most of the places they stop (Leah sculpting, Penny reading, etc). This will give you more incentives to take the time to visit your spouse. Keep in mind all of this is randomized, not set per day, so there's still a chance you'll see the same dialogue the last time you visited them. This is a WIP and not all spouses have randomized dialogue for every location. I try to keep all the dialogue featured in this mod as faithful as possible to the original character. If you'd like to help write dialogue for your/a spouse feel free to PM me.

Other miscellaneous features of this mod
  • Spouses will attend the NM and their checkup (WIP)
  • New gift dialogue after marriage
  • A chance to receive a gift back from your spouse when giving one
  • Spouses will stand outside the farm on specific festival days and essentially "wait" for you

Haley's New Schedule - She's a photographer again

Emily's New Schedule - No more Gus working at the saloon alone for 5 days a week

Abigail's New Schedule - Explores the forest and plays video games again

Penny's New Schedule - No longer tutors and walks the ghosts of Vincent and Jas back home when it rains

Maru's New Schedule - No longer leaves Penny hanging alone at the bench

Leah's New Schedule - She sculpts and paints again

Sam's New Schedule - No more Sebastian attending band practice alone

Alex's New Schedule - Visit the damn dog

Shane's New Schedule - Substitutes for Marnie on Tuesdays

Elliott's New Schedule - Mr. Poetry man

Sebastian's New Schedule - No longer leaves Sam alone at band practice

Harvey's New Schedule - Fits in a few more work cycles in his schedule

The 5th schedule day
Once I get more randomized dialogue added I'll start thinking about giving each spouse (except Penny) one more day to their schedule. This 5th day can be anything, if you want your spouse to do something specific you are free to request it.

About compatibility
  • This mod should be compatible with all mods that don't edit spouse schedules. Dialogue expansions should be fine but some mods (like Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion) may interfere with things like Penny's leaving dialogue when it rains. This mod has an optional dependency for Canon-Friendly Dialogue Expansion to force this mod to load after.
  • If you encounter a conflict try adding a optional dependency. This can be done by editing the manifest.json file of my mod and following the format you see under "Dependencies". You can find the UniqueID of the conflict mod by looking in that mod's manifest.json file.
  • This mod should work with multiplayer (1/4 of the play-testing was done in multiplayer in fact), but if you see problems like farmhand spouses running into the void, through walls, or getting stuck outside the farm at the bus stop, that will happen even without the mod.
  • Spouses are very glitchy in general, especially with dynamic schedules. Sometimes they will completely ignore a new schedule or get stuck and there's little I can do about that.

This mod generates a config on the first load, here are the values:
FarmhandFestivalSpouse: Accepts all spouse names. Only for multiplayer purposes if you wish to have farmhand spouses stand outside the farm on specific festival days. Only farmhand spouses need to be entered, not the host.
GiftTasteDialogue: Enables new spouse gift dialogue, alongside being able to receive a gift from your spouse
LoveChance: Sets the chance to receive a gift from your spouse when giving them a loved item. Only accepts values 0, 1, or a one decimal digit (tenths) (ex: .2, .5, .8). The higher the number, the lower the chance to receive a gift back. [.8 = 20% to receive a gift back, etc]  See it as setting the chances that you won't receive a gift. Set to 1 to disable this.
LikeChance: Same as above but the chances to receive a gift when giving them a liked item.
ShaneTuesdaySchedule: Enables Shane's Tuesday schedule. On by default, for compatibility with Immersive Shane.

Recommended, lesser-known, mods
  • Gift Decline for more difficulty in general but also because it prevents you from spamming the same gift to your spouse, balancing the new gift function.
  • Go To Bed. Lets you configure spouses to go to sleep or wake up at the same time as you.

Future plans (descending priority top to bottom)
  • Add the rest of the bachelors
  • Give spouses their missing checkup and/or Night Market dates
  • Have spouses stand outside the bus stop on specific festival days Kind of. I still wanna see about adding some more later
  • (4/12 done) Randomized, or day specific, dialogue for when your spouse goes to leave and returns. I want them to sound less robotic and have them say good morning and stuff
  • Add SVE spouses
  • Updating the vanilla, pre-existing, schedules or giving them randomized dialogue instead
  • Syncing spouse schedules with the other NPCs (like having Haley visit Alex at the ice cream shop or Sam going to the beach with Vincent)
  • Dynamic schedules like having spouses move around a little more
  • Seasonal schedules (maybe, if I have the time)