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A Continuational mod idea from Terraria and Starbound, now finds its way to Stardew Valley, Craft useful machines to pulverise your ores, smelt twice as fast with out needing coal, and even drill for ores on your farm, Welcome, To Industrialisation!

Requires Platonymous "Custom Farming Redux v2.10.16" to work!

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  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin
Looking for a PFM version, go here Industrialization for PFM

Machines available:

Electric Furnace:
Smelts ores twice as fast, and can smelt Pulverised dust, does not need coal to operate

Alternator E. Furnace: 
Comes with an automate feature in mind, which does not accept ores, but instead takes only crushed metals, goes well with "Automate" (You will also need CFAutomate as well to function properly)

Breaks down 5 ores for 2 pulverised dusts, it can then be smelted (just 1) at either electric furnace(s) for its respected bar, can also smelt Quartz and Fire Quartz too

Electric Mining Driller:
A very powerful drill which can extract 25 units of resources every 12 hours, requires 1 battery to operate

Combustion Generator:
Converts 5 coal into 1 battery pack
Converts 1 Solar Essence into 3 battery pack

Solar Generator: 
A powerful generator which takes a full days worth of sunlight to produce 1 battery packs, does not work whiles indoors, or when its raining
Credits to a user "Mouse" (Discord) for helping me add code!

Gem Polisher:
An exotic machine which cleans and shines Gems, bringing out the best quality

Rock Smasher:
Can smash stone for a chance of ore, but it can fail and give gravel instead, can also process all geodes for Minerals and artefacts

Hay Bin:
Converts 10 fibre into 10 Hay, daily

Garden Cloche:
An extremely powerful machine, able to grow any 25 seeds into iridium quality crop, Time may vary depending on seed type, can be used in any season

Next Update! V2.0.0-RC2

New Machines:
Tree Cloche - nurse trees for a lot of wood
Hay Redehydrator - Does the opposite of the Hay Bin
Mineral Washer - allows mineral based stones to reach max quality
More QoL Improvements and balances
and More!