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Better, less yellow, and sometimes entirely new colors for the maps of Stardew Valley.

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This mod is a Content Patcher mode, and aims to recolor the entire map of Stardew Valley, both Interiors and Exteriors, for a less yellow, less saturated version of Stardew Valley, pretty much how Starblue Valley did, but fully compatible with 1.4 and with a few variations on colors. Does NOT include Farm Buildings, except for the Shipping Bin. Both outdoors and indoors are included, for most maps, but not for the Mines, Skull Cave or Quarry Cave.

About the Trees and Fruit Trees, colors are based on the prettiest and most varied colors of different species of every Tree and how their flowers and leaves change colors each season. Some Apricot Trees, for instance, tend to bloom white flowers during the Spring, so it's Spring color has been changed to reflect that. While this isn't realistic, the objective here is to bring prettier trees, with more variety on colors, not necessarily realism.


To install the mod, you need both SMAPI and Content Patcher installed. After that, just place the folder at the /Mods folder and launch via SMAPI.


This mod isn't compatible with any other mods that replaces any asset without the Overlay tag on it's file name. It may produce weird results with mods that overlays the same files that this mod changes. For the time being, it doesn't change the assets of translated files for other languages, so if you play in any language other than English, you will experience some differences in colors.


Elle's New Barn Animals
Elle's New Coop Animals
Elle's New Horses
Elle's Seasonal Buildings
Elle's Critter and Butterfly Replacements
Seasonal Villager Outfits


If you find any bug, please use nexus bug report section, and try to include a screenshot, so it's easier for me to patch it out ASAP.