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A Content Patcher pack for seasonal replacements for all the buildings on your farm. Includes buildings for several popular map recolors!

Permissions and credits

- Seven color palettes:
     1) My personal palette from 1.0
     2) Based on vanilla building colors
     3) For with StrangelyLiteral's Starblue Valley
     4) For EemieStardew and Minervamaga's Just A New Map Recolor
     5) For DaisyNiko's Earthy Recolour
     6) For DustBeauty's Stardew Foliage Redone
     7) For Acerbicon's A Wittily Named Recolor

- Three building themes:
     1) A more colorful, varied set
     2) A full brick set
     3) An all white set

- Eight different styles of farmhouses
     1) Rustic
     2) Manor
     3) Stained Glass
     4) Cabin
     5) Greenhouse
     6) Vanilla
     7) Cottage
     8) Lodge

- Multiple options for every farm building, including from the Wizard
- Configurable wall colors for your farmhouse exterior (only affects upgraded farmhouses)
- Optional holiday/festival decor for your farmhouse and cabin exteriors
- Optional fence, shipping bin, mailbox, and fish pond recolors
- Ability to disable any building retexture in the config
- Seasonal overlays (ie grass, leaves, snow) that match the map mod that corresponds to each palette

1. Install the latest version of SMAPI.
2. Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
3. Unzip/extract the [CP] Elle's Seasonal Buildings folder into your \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder.
4. Run the game once with SMAPI to generate a config.json.
5. Open the config.json with a program like Notepad and use the images in the "References" folder to choose the textures you want. See below for a comprehensive list of options. If you can't get a config.json to generate (for example due to using a mod manager) rename the example_config.json to config.json and use it instead.
6. Run the game using SMAPI to play!

Reference images are included in a "References" folder to use with the config.json. Here are a list of all options in the config (the default of each is the first listed):

Color Palette: Elle, Vanilla, Starblue, Eemie, Earthy, Foliage, Wittily
Building Theme: Color, White, Brick
Farmhouse Holiday: True, False
Farmhouse Style: Rustic, Vanilla, Greenhouse, StainedGlass, Cabin, Manor, Cottage, Lodge, False
Farmhouse Material: Wood, Stone
Farmhouse Color: Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Teal, Green, Yellow, White, Grey, Black
Barn: New, Old, False
Big Barn: New, Old, False
Deluxe Barn: New, Old, False
Cabin: New, Old, False
Coop: New, Old, False
Big Coop: New, Old, False
Deluxe Coop: New, Old, False
Log Cabin: New, Old, False
Log Cabin Decor: True, False
Plank Cabin: New, Old, False
Plank Cabin Decor: True, False
Stone Cabin: New, Old, False
Stone Cabin Decor: True, False
Greenhouse: Wood, Stone, False
Gold Clock: New, Old, Original, False
Gold Clock Hand Recolor: True, False
JunimoHut: Natural, Built, False
Desert Obelisk: Original, New, Old, False
Earth Obelisk: Original, New, Old, False
Island Obelisk: Original, New, Old, False
Water Obelisk: Original, New, Old, False
Mill: Closed, Open, False
Shane Coop: New, Old, False
Shed: Old, New, Original, False
Big Shed: Old, New, Original, False
Silo: Stone, Wood, False
Stable: Stone, Wood, False
Well: Stone, Wood, False,
Slime Hutch: True, False
Wood Fence Recolor: True, False
Stone Fence Recolor: True, False
Iron Fence Recolor: True, False
Hardwood Fence Recolor: True, False
Shipping Bin Recolor: True, False
Mini Shipping Bin Recolor: True, False
Mailbox Recolor: True, False
Fish Pond Recolor: True, False
Fish Pond Seasons: True, False
Island Farmhouse: True, False
Farm Obelisk: True, False
Island Mailbox: True, False

Setting a building to "False" prevents it from being retextured. To disable the farmhouse texture, use "False" for "Farmhouse Style".

If you are having performance issues loading to/from the farm due to the way the gold clock hand recolor updates, change "Gold Clock Hand Recolor" to "False".

To uninstall, delete the [CP] Elle's Seasonal Buildings folder.

For the mod compatibility textures, I've uploaded a separate .zip. Navigate to the mod, theme, and style folder of your choice in the .zip and copy/unzip the image files into the asset folder of the mod in your Mods folder and overwrite. By default these folders are:

DeepWoods Seasonal Obelisk: \Mods\[DW]SeasonalObelisk\assets
Tractor Mod: \Mods\TractorMod\assets

1.3.5 - Updated Slime Hutch for 1.6; there is currently only one choice with "true" or "false" options
          - Updated mailbox recolor for 1.6
          - Updated junimo hut for 1.6
          - Updated fish pond recolor for 1.6
          - Added dependencies for VPR and the VPR temp fix mod
1.3.4 - Made the gold clock hand recolor optional for those having performance issues when loading to/from the farm
          - Added an example_config.json for anyone having trouble generating a config for any reason; just rename it to config.json to use it
          - Fixed shadow on the brick and white themed Cabin farmhouse in the Foliage palette
1.3.3 - Fixed custom paint for the Rustic farmhouse (was incorrectly coloring the T2 house instead of T3)
          - Small fix for gold clock hand recolor
1.3.2 - Added 3 new configs/retextures for new area added in 1.5; see new image in References folder (marked as Spoilers); all 3 are enabled by default
          - This is a quick update and currently these retextures only allow true/false
1.3.1 - Reintroduced fall decor spider webs to farmhouses and cabins (in different locations due to new paint feature)
          - Minor edit to greenhouse webs
          - Added new option in config.json: Themed Junimo Hut, which only applies to "Natural" huts and determines if they change with Brick and White building themes. Defaults to "True"
          - Changed leaf colors on Island and Deep Woods obelisks in summer in the Vanilla and Elle palettes (as summer forest leaves were changed in the 1.5 update)
          - Fixed windows on old cabins
          - Fixed brewery season overlays in the Foliage palette
          - Fixed old barn file name in the Earthy palette
          - Fixed seasonal decor in the Vanilla palette 
          - Updated CP format version
1.3.0 - Added 3 new palettes ("Earthy", "Foliage", and "Wittily")
          - Added 2 new farmhouse styles ("Cottage" and "Lodge")
          - Added island obelisks
          - Created new "original" style obelisks
          - Changed the "original" style sheds
          - Added optional recolor for new mini shipping bin (enabled by default)
          - Changed "Farmhouse Holiday" config to "Farmhouse Decor" and made some changes
                - removed egg festival basket from spring decor
                - removed luau flower basket from summer decor
                - added flower boxes to spring and summer decor
                - now enabled by default
                - webs in fall are still absent due to paint masks but will be reappear in a later update
          - Added seasonal decor to every cabin (enabled by default)
          - Changed some seasonal overlay assets
                - removed snowman from farmhouse winter overlays
                - remade or changed all of the assets in the Starblue palette (should now be more consistent)
                - changed the color of summer grass in the Vanilla palette
                - added optional seasonal overlays to the Fish Pond
          - Fence recolors and fish pond recolor now enabled by default
          - Added recolor to the hands of the gold clock
          - Changed the config to allow more specific choices
          - Added a "Palette Preview" folder to the References folder to see each building for each palette
          - Changes made to mod compatibility textures
                - Added new DeepWoods obelisks in all 3 styles for use with Sandman53's DeepWoods Seasonal Obelisk mod
                - Removed old DeepWoods obelisk
                - Removed textures for Stardew Brewery, Sauvignon Winery, and Pethouse until they are up to date
                - Removed greenhouse overrides for SVE/IF2R as they are no longer necessary
          -  Updated new paint masks
                - "Roof" paint recolors roofs
                - "Building" paint recolors walls
                - "Trim" paint recolors doormats on farmhouse/cabins, shutters on coops/barns, big doors on sheds, and blankets in stables
          - Several minor changes and fixes to textures
1.2.3 - Fixed sleepy modder mistakes (paint masks in fall)
1.2.2 - Gave the greenhouse some therapy after its separation with houses.xnb
          - Added paint masks for the new paint customization in game version 1.5
          - The webs in the fall farmhouse decor has been removed due to the paint overlays; I will try to add them to different locations in the next update
1.2.1 - Fixed snow color for the new big barn in the Starblue palette
          - Fixed the new big barn seasonal overlay applying to the new first tier barn instead
1.2.0 - Added 5 new farmhouse styles
          - Updated original farmhouses
          - Added configurable farmhouse wall colors 
          - Added recolors for shipping bin, mailbox, and fish pond
          - Updated fence recolors
          - Added new options for the stable and Shane's coop
          - Updated old and new sheds
          - Added upgraded versions of all sheds
          - Updated cabins with mailboxes and porches for spouses
          - Added desert obelisk to old and new obelisk sets
          - Updated summer grass and added grass in spring
          - Gave more buildings brick walls in the Brick theme
          - Added ability to disable any building retexture in the config.json
          - Seasonal aspects of all buildings now use overlays
          - Several small changes made to textures
1.1.1 - Shadow fix on wooden silo
          - Changed the wooden fences to match a little bit better
1.1.0 - Everything is neatly packed into a config.json now
          - There are now 4 color palettes and 3 styles within each (for a total of 12 theme variants) for every building
          - New small, big, and deluxe barns
          - New small, big, and deluxe coops
          - New wooden well
          - New wooden silo and updated stone silo
          - New wooden greenhouse
          - New shed and updated shed from my original set of buildings
          - Updated the mill and made a slightly different version of it
          - New junimo huts styled more like vanilla huts
          - New slime hutches
          - New gold clock and an updated clock from my original set of buildings
          - New multiplayer cabins, much more stylized and varied from each other
          - Textures for visual compatibility with several other mods:
                - Deep Woods Obelisk
                - Pethouse
                - Sauvignon in Stardew (included as slime hutch option)
                - Stardew Brewery (included as slime hutch option)
                - Tractor Mod
          - Recolored vanilla fences to match each palette (optional, off by default)
          - Holiday-themed farmhouses (optional, off by default)
          - Removed the non-seasonal versions
          - Small changes to almost every pre-existing texture here and there (most notably all the doors were changed to the same one)
          - The only old textures that were replaced/removed are the silo and mill, everything else is an option in the config.json

A big thank you to for providing a place for users to share their Stardew Valley saves, and of course to everyone who shares their own there. Here are the farms used in my preview images (not in any order):

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14

- New Barn Animals
- New Coop Animals
- New Horses
Critter Replacements
Dirt and Cliff Recolor
Grass Replacement
Tiled Kitchen

I would love to see your farms if you use these, by the way!! Feel free to submit images! <3