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About this mod

These are my replacement sprites for NPCs in Stardew Valley Expanded (Andy, Olivia, Susan, Victor, etc) that are more in line with the "Slightly Cuter Character Sprites" mod by Poltergeister.

Permissions and credits
I give permission to anyone that wants to use/alter my modified sprites.

Replacement sprites for Stardew Valley Expanded NPCs (created by FlashShifter) to better match Slightly Cuter Character Sprites (now Content Patcher and v1.4 ready) by Poltergeister. Also inspired by Shie's Portraits by Shielia. I plan to continuously update this as Flash adds new sprites and animations to SVE.

NOTE: Poltergeister has since released sprites for SVE! Make sure you check them out! I'll continue to update my mod, so choose either one or mix and match! :D
Slightly Cuter Characters - SVE Edition
**You can disable any of my characters to allow full compatibility with Poltergeister's mod!

Includes full sprite sheets for...
- Andy
- Olivia (1.0 and 2.0)
- Susan
- Victor (1.0 and 2.0)
- Sophia
- Marlon
- Morris
- Alesia
- Isaac
- Claire
- Camilla
- Morgan
- Scarlett
- Character World Sprites (found in Joja Mart/Adventurer's Guild)

Config Options:
True = Everyone has noses (default)
False = No one has noses

True = Olivia 2.0 (default)
False = Olivia 1.0

True = Victor 2.0 (default)
False = Victor 1.0

True = Uses optional short dress
False = Uses long wedding dress (default)

True = Uses optional suit with tie
False = Uses classy suit with gloves (default)

True = Normal outfit recolored 
False = Unique "traditional" style outfit (default)

True = This mod will alter that character's sprites. (default)
False = The character's sprites will not be changed.

How to Install:
1. Properly install SMAPI.
2. Install Content Patcher.
3. (OPTIONAL) Install Slightly Cuter Character Sprites (now Content Patcher and v1.4 ready), highly recommended
3.5 - Go to  [CP] Slightly Cuter Characters/config and make sure "UseSVE" is set to "True"!

4. *You MUST properly install Stardew Valley Expanded before my mod*
5. Extract the ZIP file to your Stardew Valley/Mods folder
6. Finished!

To Do List:
- Joja's Cashier
- Optional Victor sprites that resemble his new appearance in SVE 1.7.3
- Optional Olivia sprites to match Victor's
- Unique named NPC's added in SVE 1.8
- Sophia
- Scarlett
- Unique named NPC's added in SVE 1.7.3
- Alesia
- Isaac
- Others (to avoid possible spoilers)
- Adventurer NPC's added in SVE 1.7.3
- World sprites (found in the Adventurer's Guild)
- Full spritesheets
- More configurable variations to choose from

*Please let me know if any sprites look wonky or weird! *

Think someone is too short? Dislike an outfit? Leave me a comment! I'm open to configuration suggestions. 

Special thanks to:
- ConcernedApe, our lord and savior.
- FlashShifter for an amazing expansion-level mod
- Poltergeister for their understanding and generosity

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