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I was bothered by the fact that there's only a statue for Skeletons, so I decided to make a statue for other monsters as well. Keep in mind this is my first mod and a work in progress. I plan to expand and improve it as my knowledge grows.

I'd greatly appreciate any feedback or opinions.

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My other mods:
Colorful Junimo Plushies
DC Burger Krobus for CP

This mod adds new statues for monsters. Can be bought directly from Robin or through the Furniture Catalog. 

Monster list:
  1.  Duggy
  2.  Stone Golem

  3. Wilderness Golem

  4. Shadow Brute
  5. Shadow Shaman
  6.  Mummy
  7.  Squid Kid
  8.  Bats

  9.  Slimes

  10.  Crabs
  11.  Bugs
  12.  Flies
  13.  Grubs

  14.  Ghosts

  15.  Big Slimes
  16. Dust Sprite
  17.  Metal Head
  18.  Serpent

Additional Goals:
- Quality improvements (Squid Kid Totem) 
- More variety of monster poses
- More variety of statue sizes

More ambitious goals:
- Make the mod fully configurable
- Give statues unique crafting recipes
- Add unlock requirements for some statues?
- Add rotation functionality to statues
- Add animation to statues
- Create original monsters for statues
- Create statues for monsters from other games