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This mod changes the portraits of all characters. And portraits corresponding to other mods.(SVE, Adarin, H.Goddess and more)

Permissions and credits
I am a Japanese.
My English is an automatic translation. Please forgive it if it is strange.

This portrait is high resolution ONLY.
Requires Portraiture mod.Please download it here.  >

Updated optional file :
added "Content Patcher" version.
"Portraiture" is not required.

Updated optional file :
added "Alesia", "Apple", "Camilla", "Claire", "Dusty", "Isaac", "Morgan" and "Scarlett" to "For SVE NPCs".


Hello. Sorry for the late update.
-Krobus's portrait has been updated.
-Added "Harvey(no beard)".
-Added "Sophia", "Morris" and "Marlon" to "For SVE NPCs".
Others are currently being worked on.
Add :
-Sam's portrait has been updated.

Updated optional file : added "Susan" to "For SVE NPCs".

Hello.  I received requests and created portraits of the mod listed below.
- Adarin's Girl Mod + Shane girl MOD (Change main male character to female) 
- Ran's Harvest Goddess
- Wizard Romanceable
I prepared it as an optional file.

Hello. I received a request and created a portrait for "Stardew Valley Expanded's new NPCs"
They are very attractive! So I prepared it as an optional file.
If you replace vanilla villagers with my portrait, try replacing them too.

Installation for optional file:
1.Unpack .zip
2.Please put the extracted png data in "SHIE'S PORTRAITS" folder in "Portraiture" MOD.

Compatible mod original
Adarin's Girl Mod by AdarinSinner
- Shane girl MOD ver.R by exrenkon
- Ran's Harvest Goddess by Ran
- Stardew Valley Expanded by FlashShifter
- Wizard Romanceable Sprite By Chaekal-Rizum by Chaekal-Rizum