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Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Content Patcher pack featuring animals and their products; images, and data. This pack covers all the livestock, their products, the horse, pets, critters, and insects in the game. You will even have the choice of having seasonal, weather, festival and Joja changes. Some limitations apply, see the description for more info.

Permissions and credits
Ultimate Do-It-Yourself Content Patcher pack featuring animals and their products, images, and data. This pack covers all the livestock and their products, the horse, pets, wild critters, and insects in the game. You will even have the choice of having seasonal, weather, festival, and Joja Membership dependent changes. Some limitations apply.

This pack was created to be as user-friendly and cross-compatible as possible. It will only make specific changes for which the user has added properly named images in the proper folders. It does all this without requiring any modifications to the contents.json file.

  • No editing of the contents.json or config.json file needed.
  • Covers seasonal, weather, festival, and Joja Membership dependent changes.
  • All changes and patches are made completely optional by utilizing the HasFile tokens.
This pack covers the following graphics and data changes:
  • All barn and coop animals, along with their respective icons.
  • The cow photos for Haley's heart event.
  • All other animals, fireflies not yet included.
  • The Sea Monster.
  • Emily's parrot, the brown intro bird, and the title cranes.
  • Junimo while on the Farm, Greenhouse or Farm Expansion.
  • Horse and its icon.
  • All pets and their icons.
  • Slimes while in a Slime Hutch, with an additional overlay patch to use mods like Festive Slimes (some limitations apply).
  • All animal products, and their data (e.g. item name, price, description, etc.).
  • Slimeball, slime eggs, and the slime dropped monster item.

For specific details on all changes see the Detailed Info file included in the Docs folder of this mod pack.


ATTENTION!! Mod Manager Users
I have no idea how to use any of the currently available managers correctly, with Stardew Valley, and have not tested this mod through these options. I did leave the download with manager button available (on NexusMods) in the downloads section for your possible convenience, but I will not provide any support for my mods when installed through mod managers. Please follow the standard SMAPI mod installation pattern as detailed below.


  • Install the latest version of SMAPI.
  • Install the latest version of Content Patcher.
  • Download this mod and unzip it into *Stardew Valley/Mods.
  • Download your desired sprites and unzip them (uncompress to .png format, as needed,) to the appropriate folder in the provided asset folder structure (see Folder Structure for general guidelines).
  • Verify that all files are named correctly (see Naming Convention for details).
  • Run the game using SMAPI.
  • Make any desired modifications to the newly created config.json file.
  • Enjoy your new in-game graphics.


Folder Structure
In broad terms, the folder structure is set up as follows:
  • Living arrangements (Barn, Coop, Junimo Hut, Slime Hutch, etc.)
  • Type of animal (Cow, Chicken, Goat, etc.)
  • Variants (Brown, White, Blue, etc.)

A few special notes:
  • Icons should be placed in the base folder for the animal type. This specifically applies to the Cow and Chicken icons.
  • All item information modifications should go in the same folder as its image.

    • Inside the Products type folders, you will find a folder with a full set of pre-made change documents. Copy them into the main folder and modify them to your liking. They accept all available changes (e.g. season, weather, festival, and Joja), and each field is annotated for your convenience as to what they modify. If the mod you are using only provides an entry string, copy each section sequentially. Further details on item modifications can be found on the SDV Wiki.
If still in doubt see the Detailed Info document.

Cropped or Uncropped
This mod looks for individual graphics, meaning that such source images as the critters file are cropped into smaller images to cover specific animals, critters or products.

It is highly recommended to crop files when necessary, as it allows you to see exactly what each image file changes, and cuts down on unnecessary data.

Simplest Cropping Method
I use this Sprite Cutter, utilizing the width and length from the coordinates found in Detailed Info.

This method will likely generate a lot of "garbage" images but should work for most if not all sprite sheets (the cursors file being a noticeable exception). If it does not render the desired results, please use the alternate cropping method below.

Alternate Cropping Method
Use GIMP's rectangle select tool, and enter the coordinates and dimensions found in Detailed Info. Then copy the selection (Ctrl Or Cmd+C), then go to Edit > Paste as > New Image. Finally, export the new image as a .png file with the expected file name (also found in Detailed Info).

To use uncropped source images please add the expected file name to the Uncropped config.json. For multiple entries, separate file names with a comma ,. Note that this only works if the source mimics the original image positions.

Naming Convention
prefix__ + FileName + .png

Prefix (optional)
For images dealing with any changes, such as Season, Weather, or Festival. Capitalization does not matter, but spaces do. Valid options are listed here.

Sunny weather is not supported as it would interfere with both seasonal and festival changes.

File Name
Usually the original file name without spaces. See the Detailed Info file for expected file names if in doubt. The file name expected by the mod will be exactly as it appears there.

This mod is looking for images in the .png format. If your desired source is in .xnb format you can use the XNBCLI tool to uncompress the images, only the .png file is needed.

  • Double click a word to select it; Triple-click to select the entire line.
  • Select/deselect specific characters by holding the Shift key + moving the cursor with the Arrow keys.
  • Use Cmd or Ctrl+C to copy a selection; Cmd or Ctrl+V to paste it.

"NYAH! The magugle isn't showing in the pakequel! What do I do?!"
Try the following steps before you panic or give up on this mod.


Compatible with...
  • Stardew Valley 1.4 or later
  • Linux, Mac, or Windows
  • Single-player and multi-player (see multi-player compatibility notes); changes are only visible locally on multi-player.

Conflicts with...
  • This mod is incompatible with any other mod that loads or edits the assets you have modified with this mod's patches. If two mods affect the same asset file, it may not render as desired depending on what order both mods are loaded by SMAPI. Because of this, it is recommended that you only add exactly what you want modified to this mod's asset folder.
  • More Animals (limited compatibility)

    • Additional pets may also be reskinned if a pet patch is used, causing undesired results. For best results using both mods, keep pet patches from this mod to the base replacement, without any seasonal, weather or festival changes.
  • Festive Slimes (limited compatibility)

    • Although the graphics from it can be used, the SMAPI portion of the mod is basically incompatible. Feel free to experiment and see for yourself. Keep in mind, that this mod only modifies the slimes while you are inside a hutch.


  • Sunny weather is not a valid option. Because of the way the game is coded, during any festival day the weather is normally registered as sunny. Another reason for this limitation is that if it was allowed, any seasonal changes would get overwritten by the weather variant.
  • "Fireflies" are not included yet as I have not found the appropriate information to modify these. Any tips for adding these would be greatly appreciated.

Bug Reporting
Report bugs, errors, incompatibilities or inconsistencies using the NexusMods integrated bug reporting section within the mod page.

DO NOT report any of the above in the posts section of the mod page. Do feel free to mention any compatibilities within the posts section, they will be added to the appropriate locations with proper credit.

Known Issues
As of 2019-07-16 and version 1.1.0, these are the known issues. If you find any more, please submit a bug report.
  • Some assets say they are loaded and the conditions are met but are not applied within the patch summary.

    If you are not actively looking at the asset in question, this might happen if it has not been loaded/applied to the game at that time. Please look for the animal or product in the game before reporting it as an issue.
  • Marnie's cows aren't loading the correct asset.

    This is a glitch, in what appears to be SMAPI's code. It should be fixed with the 3.0 release, but I have not tested it yet. The cows on your farm should load the correct graphic assets.
  • Some assets just won't get applied to the game for no apparent reason.

    Try loading a game save, then go back to the title menu before returning to your save. This is a current workaround for some early graphics (notably the music mute icon and journal icon) to load with a Content Patcher patch.


If you are wondering what the future holds for this series, here you can find my little "To Do List" for it, and things I hope to accomplish in the future.
  • Add images to Detailed Info reference document.
  • Experiment with the new random token.
  • Collect and compile the information necessary for the rest of the mods in the series. Including the following (subject to change):

    • Buildings and Maps

    • Characters and Portraits (Babies, Children, and Villagers)

    • Flooring and Wallpapers

    • Furniture and Windows

    • User Interface

    • Tools and Weapons

    • Crops, Fruit Trees, and Common Trees

    • Artifacts, Foraging, and Minerals

    • Fish, Bait, and Tackle

    • Monsters and Ghouls

    • Artisan Goods

    • Hats, Footwear, and Rings

    • Food

    • Crafting, Craftables, and Machines

    • Tilesheets

    • Tops, Bottoms, Accessories, and Shoe Colors

    • Body, Hair, and Skin

  • ConcernedApe

    • For creating Stardew Valley in such a way that it allows us to mod it. It is absolutely amazing that you could make such an amazing game all by yourself (as far as I know). Kudos!
  • Pathoschild

    • For creating and maintaining SMAPI among so many other awesome mods and tools. You are absolutely brilliant!
  • Lumina, Minerva, Moo, Mouse, Pathoschildand SpringSong from the SDV Discord.

    • If it wasn't for all of your help, this mod would not have come out nearly as well as it did. So once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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