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Variation of the standard farm map with a single source of water behind the farmhouse. The perimeter has been expanded with the removal of the bottom left and middle right protrusions (see full description for details). CP, MTN & XNB versions are available.

Permissions and credits

Variation of the standard farm map with a single source of water behind the farmhouse. The perimeter has been expanded with the removal of the bottom left and middle right protrusions.

Optional LovelyNewt version details

The optional division markings version includes a series of rock markers that divide the farm into (mostly) equal parts following my personal farm layout as illustrated here. If you notice the end denominator is Lovely Newt 13, if any of you are curious, that is why I used that name in the game files.

As of version 2.0, the markings were changed to white pebble roads placed there presumably by Abigail so that she wouldn't keep tripping over everything and didn't keep getting lost when exploring the old overgrown fields.




Vortex and other Mod Manager users.
I have no idea how to use any of the currently available managers correctly and have not tested this mod through these options. I did leave the download with manager button available in the downloads section for your possible convenience, but I cannot and will not provide any support for my mod when installed in this manner. Please follow the standard SMAPI mod install pattern as detailed below.

For Content Patcher Users:
  1. Install the latest version of SMAPI (version 2.11.2+).
  2. Install Content Patcher (version 1.9+).
  3. Download this mod (CP version) and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  4. Optional: Open the config.json file using a text editor (I use Notepad++, but plain old Notepad works too) and answer the question with a simple true or false (defaults to false). For details on what it means, please look above in the Information section of this document.
  5. Run the game using SMAPI.

For MTN Users: (ID#44)
  1. Download and install the latest version of both SMAPI and MTN.
  2. Download this mod (MTN version) and unzip it into Stardew Valley/Mods.
  3. By default, the game will load the "standard" version of my mod. If you would prefer to use the LovelyNewt version you will have to switch around both the .tbin and .xnb files. Neither needs to be renamed but I recommend placing the default files in an appropriately named folder instead of the LovelyNewt folder, or rename said folder. 
WARNING: This version has not been thoroughly tested and I can offer very little support for it. Use it at your own risk.

For those that still prefer to use an XNB version (for whatever the reason):
  • I have provided the appropriate files in a separate download for both versions. Simply backup and replace the vanilla file farm.xnb within *\StardewValley\Content\Maps folder.


  • This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod that replaces the Farm.xnb file.
  • This mod has yet to be tested in multiplayer mode, but there should be no issues that I'm aware of. Please let me know if you find anything as I do not use this mode, and honestly, I'm unsure as to how it works.
  • Extended Minecart (compatible)
  • (CP) Pethouse Re-skin to match Yellog's Buildings (incompatible, use the alternate version in downloads v1.0 only; for v2.0 the Pethouse mod should be updated to use the EditMap CP function instead of loading the entire map, I may provide this update at a later time)

Known Issues

As of version 2.0.0 and June 28, 2019, these are the known issues, bugs, or incompatibilities with other mods that do not involve the Farm.xnb file. If you find anymore, please report them using the NexusMods integrated bug reporting section within the main mod page.

  • When fishing on the right side of the pond, you must have a yellow or better gauge. If you attempt to fish while the gauge is in red, the attempt will fail, this is a limitation of the game and cannot be fixed at this time. (in SDV v1.3.36 I have yet to test out for this bug)
  • In the MTN version of the mod, grandpa's shrine will not display the note correctly. Instead of being placed on the shrine itself, it "blew away" further down the map. However, the interaction point for the shrine remains the same and works as intended. This is a current limitation with the current version of MTN and cannot be resolved (to my knowledge) at this time. Fixed with MTN 2.0.0-alpha8.
  • As "reported" by Celesty0 in the comments section. The marking stones for the Lovely Newt version of the map cannot be tilled or built over at this time. The temporary solution (which I should have placed here a long time ago now) is to use the mods configuration file and select the normal version instead of the Lovely Newt version either from the beginning or when you have used some other way to mark where the roads should go. I will try to finally fix this sooner rather than later. Fixed with mod version 2.0.0, I also removed the config.json file from the archive so that it will always generate a new one when first installing this mod.


  • ConcernedApe for making a wonderful game in such a way that we are able to polish it further.
  • Dartharc, RedRaven, Schireck & Alberion for worrying me so much over this weekend (from Nov 1 to the 5th 2018) that I needed to do something I had never done before that took all my attention.
  • Dartharc for proofreading this document and all my other written work.
  • All the wonderful members of the SDV Discord modding community for helping me troubleshoot the different issues I had while making this mod. I would give names, but my internet has proven to be entirely too bad to get Discord to recall far enough back. For that, I want to apologize.
  • Jessebot (from discord) for helping me out when trying to fulfill a compatibility request and discovering "Linus' pee spot" bug.