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If you want to use my code in your mod, PLEASE ask me.  I do not tolerate outright copying of my code without credit.

Update Mar 22, 2021: My health has taken a sudden decline after a natural disaster that affected my home.  I am currently struggling to handle work and my health alone, so any other commitments are currently sidelined until this flare can be brought under control.  I apologize for the further delays, as I know many of you have been waiting patiently (and I thank you for that <3).  Because of these issues, I will not be checking Nexus or Moddrop until I am physically and mentally stabilized. You can reach me via the DSV server (I am pingable there), though I will not be granting permissions for any of my mods or managed content at this time, as I am unable to check against the vanilla content to approve the use.  Thank you all!




Update Dec 25, 2020:

Any comments asking for help without providing a log will be ignored.  I cannot help you if I don't know what mods you have, which game version you use, and a million other things.  Logs have more info than is obvious at first glance and are 100% a necessary part of troubleshooting.

Similarly, any bug reports without a log will be deleted with no answer.

And finally, anyone wanting to translate my mods is welcome, but only as part of the main mod.  Reuploads are not permitted and will be reported.  Please DM me the translations or submit on Github.  Thank you for helping support my mods!



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Tier 2 Patron shoutouts:


Karmylla, the creator of Immersive Maps and a wonderful friend~

And an anonymous shoutout to the very generous Patron who doesn't want to be identified - thank you SO so much for the support, it means a lot <3


I will no longer provide support for problems with SVE.  I made a statement about this on reddit that was removed.  I will not be able to assist if you have SVE installed.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

As of April 1st, 2020, I am entering hiatus due to the demands of my IRL job as a critical care RN.  I hope to see you all on the other side of this pandemic.  Please don't take the situation lightly; there is a real risk that myself and my coworkers will not all survive this situation.  Stay at home if you are not essential personnel, for our sake, please.

While I am on hiatus, I ask that anyone wanting to update my mods send me a DM on here (slow response) or on Discord (faster response).  Any unauthorized updates will have takedown notices issued.

I love you all, stay safe <3




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