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This mod has an array of options to enhance your fishing life! You can make fishing easier, make fish appear at all times, seasons, and/or weather, make legendary fish recatchable, give yourself the ability to fish actual fish (not trash) in your farm pond, and make Prismatic Shards fishable! Happy Fishing :D

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This mod has an array of options to enhance your fishing life! You can make fishing easier, make fish appear at all times, seasons, and/or weather, make legendary fish recatchable, give yourself the ability to fish actual fish (not trash) in your farm pond, and make Prismatic Shards fishable! Happy Fishing!!

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DONATIONS for the mod are completely optional! Thank you everyone that has and/or decides to donate! Very much appreciated :)

1. Install the Latest Version of SMAPI.

2. Download and Extract the Content Patcher mod into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

3. Below is the download and current list of settings. Download the file then extract the contents in your Stardew Valley/Mods folder.

If you're using Steam, you can easily find your mods folder by going into your Steam Library, right click on Stardew Valley, click 'Manage', then 'Browse local files'. This will take you to your Stardew Valley directory that will have the mods folder there. That is where you will extract the contents of your mods.

4. After you extract the files into your mods folder, open the config.json file with Notepad or any other text editor to configure the settings. To enable a setting, change the value "false" to "true". 

5. Run the game.

NOTE: If you're installing via the Vortex Mod Manager, you will still need to go into your Stardew Valley/Mods folder to access the config.json file to configure the settings you want!

6. When you are updating Fishing Made Easy Suite to a new version, the config file will be reset. Be sure to reapply your settings!!

This instruction video is a little outdated as of Version 3.0.4 because of the settings change, but most is the same!

Fishing Made Easy Suite (Version 3.0.8)

Click here to download the latest version of Fishing Made Easy Suite! Below is a list of all the settings included. Open the file config.json with a text editor (Notepad). Change a setting or multiple settings from "false" to "true" to enable them.

More information found in the INSTRUCTIONS text file included with this mod!

Here's the list of settings included with Fishing Made Easy Suite!

You can mix multiple settings together! You cannot however, mix multiple Easy settings or both Recatchable Legendaries settings. 
(15% Easier and 50% Easier as well as both Recatchable Legendary settings for example.)

Fishing is 15% Easier.
Fishing is 25% Easier.
Fishing is 50% Easier.
Fishing is 75% Easier.
Fishing is 99% Easier.
All Fish can be caught at Any Time of Day.
All Fish can be caught in All Types of Weather.
All Fish can be caught in Every Season.

All Fish Share the Same Spawn Rates.

Seasonal Fish Can Now Be Caught on the Farm Pond. (Except Specialty and Legendary Fish)
Legendary Fish are Recatchable. (Normal Spawn Rates)
Legendary Fish are Recatchable. (Rare Spawn Rates)

Prismatic Shards are now Fishable in all Locations.

Note: With the setting, 'Legendary Fish are Recatchable', legendary fish will now appear anywhere in their proper location.
Example: The Legendary Crimsonfish can now be caught anywhere on the ocean, not just restricted to the eastern dock!

Here is a list of mods that will work and not work with Fishing Made Easy Suite. Please let me know if there's a mod that is or isn't compatible and I'll add it to the list! 

Fully Compatible

Generic Mod Config Menu
This mod allows you to enable settings for Fishing Made Easy Suite in the Stardew Valley main menu without closing out of the game!

Skip Fishing Minigame
This mod skips the fishing mini game. The easy settings of course won't matter, but all settings that make legendaries recatchable as well as settings that affect time, seasons, and weather will still work with this mod.

This mod skips the fishing mini game. The easy settings of course won't matter, but all settings that make legendaries recatchable as well as settings that affect time, seasons, and weather will still work with this mod.

CJB Cheats Menu
Instant Bite and Catch options fully compatible with all settings.

Extra Fish Information
This mod gives detailed information about each fish you can catch.

Fishing Assistant
This is an automatic fishing mod.

Partially Compatible

Teh's Fishing Overhaul
This mod overhauls fishing completely with new features. Will only work with the Easy, Time, and Weather settings of Fishing Made Easy Suite. Any settings that affect Seasons and Recatchable Legendaries will not work.

More New Fish
Adds new fish to the game. Will work alongside Fishing Made Easy Suite but only if you're using just the Easy settings (Setting 001 for example). The fish themselves from More New Fish will not be affected by the easy settings since Fishing Made Easy Suite only work with the original game's fish data. Any settings that affect Time, Seasons, and Weather will not work alongside this mod as well.

Night Owl
Let's you stay up for a full 24 hours without collapsing. You will need to edit the config file for Night Owl and change 'UseInternalNightFishAssetEditor" to 'False'. This will unfortunately disable fishing from 2am to 6am but there's no way around that.

Stardew Valley Expanded (SVE)
Fan made expansion. Will only work with the vanilla fish in vanilla areas of the game. Some data could potentially be missing if there's additional fish or fishing content that's added with SVE. Thanks MysticBooka for testing the compatibility!

Not Compatible

Fishing Adjust

Easy Fishing

Eidee Easy Fishing

Have problems with Fishing Made Easy? Click this spoiler button to view frequently asked questions. If you have any additional issues not posted here, PM me here on Nexus! Thanks :)


Version 3.0.7 and 3.0.8 (Latest) 

Your config file will be reset with this update! You will need to reapply your settings!!

Added two new settings! The first one will make all fish have the same spawn rates. This was implemented before with the seasons setting but I decided to separate them incase people wanted the original spawn rates with the seasonal setting. In turn, this new setting will also work for Legendary fish and Specialty fish (mine, desert, secret woods fish, etc). The only exception is the Lava Eel. The Level 100 fishable area is hardcoded to spawn a lot of trash so it will still make fishing the Lava Eel a pain :( But you can fish the Lava Eel in the new Volcano Dungeon as well.

The second setting allows you to fish all seasonal fish in your Farm Pond! This was a feature I wanted to implement for a long while and finally got around to it with the new changes I made to the mod. How it works is, when it's Summer for example, you'll be able to fish a Pufferfish, Tuna, Super Cucumber, etc in your Farm Pond! Times and weather are also a factor and the settings that affect time, seasons, and weather will work! The only fish you will not obtain in your pond is the Specialty and Legendary fish!

Version 3.0.8 - Fixed a potential issue with conditions that only used the Seasons settings.

If you find any issues or anything strange with a settings or mix of settings, please report back to me :)

Version 3.0.6

Fixed an issue where the legendary fish, Glacierfish, was spawning in the forest pond which also resulted it spawning in the Forest Farm map if using the Recatchable Legendary fish settings. Glacierfish will now only spawn in the Forest River if using the Recatachle Legendary fish settings. Fixed missing spawn data for the Legendary Fish are Recatchable with Reduced Spawn Rates setting if a Seasons or Prismatic Shard setting were not enabled. The spawn rates should now properly be 'rare' as it was using normal spawn rate data before.

Also renamed the Legendary Fish are Recatchable and Legendary Fish are Recatchable with Reduced Spawn Rates settings to:

Legendary Fish are Recatchable (Normal Spawn Rates) and Legendary Fish are Recatchable (Rare Spawn Rates). Should be easier to understand for those that misunderstood both of those settings before.

Version 3.0.5

Want to fish Prismatic Shards? Well now you can! This update comes with a new setting to fish up Prismatic Shards! At level 5 fishing, you can start seeing the shards show up while you are fishing. They are no joke! They are quick and may just get away from you. They can be fished at all times, seasons, weather, and can be found in almost any area that has a water source.  All settings currently available will work alongside the Prismatic Shards option!

Also included in this update, I have cleaned up lingering coding that may have caused some settings to not work with each other. All settings should now properly work with all possibilities. 

Version 3.0.4

This update is a complete mod revamp! Instead of configuring one of 143 settings, you can now mix together just 10 settings with all the capabilities of the 143 settings! I have took what I learned the last couple years with all the updates to carefully implement all the changes and quality of life updates to this one single update. I apologize the mod wasn't like this before as I have been slowly learning the ins and outs of coding the last couple years. This should hopefully ease a lot of people's minds seeing a shortened settings list and an easier way to enable the settings you want on the fly! If you encounter any issues, please report it to me!

Version 3.0.3

Happy New Year!! For this update, I have rebalanced all fish spawn rates for settings that affect seasons. Fish that were rarer to catch than others should now spawn more often. All fish (except Legendaries) will have close to the same spawn rates for these settings with some small differences. This is to ensure certain fish are not almost impossible to catch with a bigger pool of fish to fish from in each area.

Adjusted the spawn rates of the Angler and Glacier fish for the reduced spawn rate settings so they will appear less often.

Reverted the spawn rates of the five new legendary fish introduced in Stardew Valley version 1.5 back for settings that reduced legendary spawn rates. This is because these fish only appear from a repeatable quest that you need to complete in three days. Trying to catch these fish with these settings enabled would have almost made completing this quest impossible.

Version 3.0.2

Fixed an issue with Setting #137 using a non existent data file.

Version 3.0.1

With a new programming tool, this update fixes every error for every setting. Even some small errors from all the way back in Version 1.0.0! Some fixes include: Seaweed, Green Algae, and White Algae may not have been present in some areas while using the 99% easy settings. Fixed some fish not having the right time tables for settings that affect time. Fixed a couple fish most likely not showing up during any weather settings. There were some other small tweaks included in this update.

Version 3.0.0

Compatible with Stardew Valley version 1.5. Added new fish to all settings. Gave all legendary fish, except Angler and Glacier Fish equal spawn chances with settings that affect seasons. Angler and Glacier fish have had their spawn rates readjusted for settings that affect seasons since they were spawning less often than the other legendary fish. Changed all legendary fish's spawn rates back to their normal values for settings that don't affect seasons.

Important Note: There are new legendary fish that have a chance of spawning with this new update. Those fish do not appear in the journal nor is there much info on them. The mod only affects their difficulty and will only appear during a 'quest'. This is a repeatable quest so right now, I will not make them recatchable.

Farming Made Easy Suite
This mod has options to make your crops grow faster, make crops grow in all seasons except Winter, and make all crops regrow without replanting just like Strawberries! Also has options to make your farm animals produce products and mature faster! Many options to choose from to make your farming life easier!

Combat Made Easy Suite
This mod will give you the option to decrease damage taken from monsters, decrease the health and damage of monsters, and increase the drop rate of items from monsters! Many options to choose from to make your combat life easier!

Pathoschild for both SMAPI and Content Patcher

Technopoptart98 (Chucklefish Forums Member: Zosa) for the Amazing Cover Art! :D

Zombo/Wolf The Undead Wolf#3272 on Discord for the amazing artwork done below! :D

Coldazrael for the amazing artwork for the Fishing Made Easy Suite mod! Header and Chibi Banners all done by Coldazrael! Check out their work at