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Skips the fishing minigame, casting and hitting still required

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Updated for Stardew Valley 1.5!

Version 1.2.0 now includes the "perfection bonus" during the Stardew Valley Fair minigame.
Also added another configurable option to always catch treasures (turned off by default, normal treasure rates apply).


Download the Mod and unpack it into your StardewValley/Mods folder. This mod requires SMAPI.

Fish normally, click when a fish bites. The minigame is skipped and you immediately pull the fish from the water.

  • fishing is always perfect, unless you configure it not to be (see below)
  • if a treasure is spawned, you will get it, unless you configure it to always spawn treasure (see below)
  • legendaries work
  • double fish work too if you have the correct items equipped
  • perfection bonus during the Stardew Valley Fair works according to your config

Have fun!

To configure your options: download the mod, start the game once, SMAPI will then create a config.json file in your Mods/FishMe folder. In that file, you can change the two options for perfect catches (always vs. 25% of the time) and treasures (always vs. whenever the game would give you one depending on luck etc.)


This mod is basically another version of Skip Fishing Minigame by DewMods, which broke after the 1.4 Stardew and SMAPI update. I really liked using this mod and didn't want to start my new 1.4 run without it, so I took matters in my own hands.
I did not access any of the SFM mod's code, merely implemented the same functionality. I will remove my mod if SFM gets updated or if DewMods ask me to do so.