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Do fish laugh at you while escaping with your bait and tackle?

You can now catch them without any struggle. Just hook them when they bite and you're done!

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Thank you to all the generous people who have supported this mod through donations and kind words, it's very much appreciated! I am humbled at the popularity of this mod. I hope you all continue to enjoy this fantastic game!

This mod removes the fishing minigame after you hook a fish. As long as you pull your line when the fish bites, you will catch the fish!

  1. Just fish like you normally would!

1. Can I still catch legendary fish?

2. Can I still get treasure?

3. Are quality and size of fish affected?
Not at all, the vanilla Stardew Valley calculations remain unaffected.

4. What about "perfect" catches?
All your catches are now "perfect".

4.1. Why are my catches no longer "purple" rating?
My current theory is that the location where the fishing bauble lands has a max rating for the fish. Try aiming for deeper waters / harder locations and share your findings! :)

5. Will my Collection still update the number of fish caught?

6. Do I still get fishing experience?

7. Can you catch double-fish?
I haven't been able to catch one to confirm but the calculation remains untouched from original game code. If you observe it, please report back for other users :)

Received reports that double-fish can occur (thanks to user "skleetons").

8. Why has it taken so long for you to update the mod?
Been busy, just had a baby boy!

Stardew Valley 1.5
SMAPI 3.12.2

  1. Download mod file
  2. e.g. "SkipFishingMinigame"
  3. Extract the contents of the mod file to your Stardew Valley mods folder
  4. e.g. "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stardew Valley\Mods\"
  5. Launch Stardew Valley using SMAPI