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  • Using the config for full customization

    The config.json

    The mod comes with a "config.json" file which looks like this:

    "EnableQuality": ,
    "DisableQuality": ,
    "EnableMeadTextures": true,
    "TextureForMeadTypes": "assets/mead-coloredbottles.png"

    Below is an explanation for each of those options.


    Each entry in this list should be one of:

    The name of an item, such as "Beer" or "Truffle Oil";
    The name of a machine, such as "Keg" or "Preserves Jar";
    "Cooking" (standing for all foods);
    "All" (standing for everything)

    The items in this list will be affected by the mod, and the rest will be ignored. This means that if "Beer" is on the list but "Truffle Oil...