The config.json

The mod comes with a "config.json" file which looks like this:

"EnableQuality": [],
"DisableQuality": [],
"EnableMeadTextures": true,
"TextureForMeadTypes": "assets/mead-coloredbottles.png"

Below is an explanation for each of those options.


Each entry in this list should be one of:

  • The name of an item, such as "Beer" or "Truffle Oil";
  • The name of a machine, such as "Keg" or "Preserves Jar";
  • "Cooking" (standing for all foods);
  • "All" (standing for everything)

The items in this list will be affected by the mod, and the rest will be ignored. This means that if "Beer" is on the list but "Truffle Oil" is not, then putting Gold-quality Wheat on a Keg will produce Gold-quality Beer, but putting any kind of Truffle on an Oil Maker will only produce regular Truffle Oil. For machines, all items that they produce are considered, so if "Preserves Jar" is on the list but "Keg" is not, then all Jellies and Pickles will have the quality of the fruit/vegetable used to produce them, but not Wines or Juices.

Here's an example:

"EnableQuality": [ "Preserves Jar", "Beer" ]

With this configuration, only Jellies and Pickles (from "Preserves Jar" being in the list) and Beer will have quality, but any other item will not.


This option works like EnableQuality, but in the opposite sense: the entries in this list will not be affected by the mod, but all the rest will.

"DisableQuality": [ "Cooking", "Keg", "Truffle Oil" ]

With this configuration, Foods (from "Cooking" being in the list), Wines and Juices (from "Keg" being in the list), and Truffle Oil will be the only items that behave as in the regular game.

Note: It is currently not possible change the configuration for each food item individually.

Warning: EnableQuality and DisableQuality are incompatible with each other. Do not use both at the same time.
However, if they're both empty (default), everything will have quality enabled.


When set to true, this will allow the selected texture in the "TextureForMeadTypes" option to be used for drawing the mead icons. Setting it to false will disable the custom icons.


This should be the path to the texture file to be used for the custom mead icons. If you want to use another texture, set this option to the path of the texture to be used. For example, to use the other provided mead texture, set this option to "assets/mead-coloredcaps.png".
If "EnableMeadTextures" is false, this option will have no effect.

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