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About this mod

A mod that adds many functions which make the gameplay more efficient

Permissions and credits
Joys of Efficiency(JoE)

Any comments, endorsements, bug reports, requests are welcome!

Do you want to use JoE with beta versions of StardewValley?
You can download beta releases (currently supports SDV 1.3.31) from GitHub Release page.
If you have any questions or bug reports about beta releases, please open Issue at GitHub instead of Nexus.

If you are using Android port of SMAPI and encountered Harmony related errors, try enabling SafeMode.
It bypasses Harmony patching, so it should suppress errors.

This mod is a configurable utility set mod which can help the gameplay be more efficient. (See above for details.)
And the settings can be changed through config.json (it should be created after the first run)
Or you can change it in in-game settings menu by pressing KeyShowMenu (Default:R key).
This mod works on client side completely. (You don't have to be a host to take effect)

Also, this mod now supports gamepads.

If you found a bug, post the situation to the Bugs tab with a version(game, SMAPI, and also this mod) and
logs if you have.

DO NOT REPORT IT TO POSTS TAB because it's harder to track
than Bugs

Before reporting, please check you are using the latest version (maybe fixed), and there are no similar reports.
Thank you for your cooperation.

[What's new?]
If you want to know what's new of the latest updates, you can check it through following link.
 for Stable versions(after 1.0.22)

[Features and configs]
For quick reference, there are currently following features:
        Config Menu, Balanced ModeMine Info GUIAuto Water Nearby CropsGift Information Tooltip
Auto Pet Nearby AnimalsAuto Animal Door, AFK Fishing,
Fishing Information GUIAuto GateAuto EatAuto HarvestAuto Destroy Dead Crops,
Auto Collect CollectiblesAuto Shake Fruited PlantsAuto Dig Artifact Spot,
Auto Deposit IngredientAuto Pull Machine ResultAuto Pet Nearby Pets,
Fishing Probabilities InfoShow Shipping PriceUnify Flower Colors, Auto Loot Treasures,
Collect Letter Attachments And Quests, Auto Pick Up TrashAuto Shearing and Milking,
and Farm Cleaner.

You can see details of features and configurations by clicking each names.

Currently, translation on this mod is not completed yet and is hard due to its massive amount of text.
So, I created new repository to GitHub for translation, and finding people who can cooperate with me in translating.
The link is HERE

I moved translation project to translation branch in GitHub.

[Source Codes]
This mod is a open-source project, and codes are available at GitHub under the GPL v3 license.

[TODO List]
If you want to know what is to be implemented, please visit Issues page with todo tag on GitHub.

You can find out my other mods from HERE.