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Gives all NPCs the ability to respond to certain actions with custom CP mods.

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Wanted: Translators to make UCRC compatible with all languages, if interested send me a message.
What does this mod do?

UCRC opens up dating and birthday responses to all NPCs.  This is now a requirement for more immersive NPCs.  

For modders trying to make more immersive NPCs please read the Wiki for specifics.

Recommended Mod: Miss Coriel's Unique Courtship Response 4: Happy Birthday

2.1.1 Notes:
  • Added console command: ucr_reload is a manual reload of CORE assets
  • Added console command: ucr_check <NPC> is a command that extracts the UCR data from an NPC's dialogue.
  • Added daily CORE dialog checks: The game will check itself to see if CORE is set.  Error messages will show if something prevents this.
2.0 Notes: Added new dialogue that covers Pregnancy and Adoption.  Please see the wiki for the new dialogue options.
1.2.0 Notes: Added Jealousy responses.  These will reset themselves everyday so your spouse can always ask you if you're up to something.
1.1.0 Notes: Fixed more spelling errors and is now the Primary Core for UCR.  Also fixed the update key check.
1.0.3 Notes:
  • Added Unique Jealousy responses: Allows NPCs not set to use Minerva's unique jealousy mod to be able to support it.
  • Added 1.5 dialogue: New dialogue has been added for 1.5 (specifically the wilted bouquet)

Current Supported Languages:
  • Spanish
  • Chinese
  • Turkish
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
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