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I wanted my Seb to be mentally well but still have some spice and obsession that's what I've made. Includes over 200 lines of pre- AND post-marriage dialogue, festival dialogue, and much more!
Based on Isa's Yandere Sebastian Dialogue Expansion Pack:
Sabrina Version Availab

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Mandarin
For compatibility with female Sebastian/combined girl mods, pick the Sabrina download! [Note its slightly out of date]


I wanted my Seb to be mentally well but still have some spice and obsession. That's what I've made.
 I edited a lot of the lines of Isa's work to make a "soft version"
that fit my idea of Seb, he's possessive, controlling and obsessed with
you.. but a lot less scary and a lot more romantic. I also wanted it to fit
with Mal's Sebastian Expansion with Post Marriage Events. I highly recommend
you download that mod with this one.
This is my first mod, and I just made it for myself. So please be nice. Oh and
it works for either gender!


By "soft version" I mean he's possessive, protective, controlling and obsessed. In Isa's
wonderful mod there's animal cruelty, knives and he generally goes downhill
mentally when you come to Stardew Valley. I wasn't a huge fan of those things, so
I figured out how to change the mod. This mod is not in the horror genre: there
is no animal cruelty, no knives, and everybody just thinks he really, really
likes you. Maybe a little too much. There are some mentions of him maybe
stalking you; however, it's open to interpretation whether he actually is or
not. Unlike Isa's there is no commentary from him about you marrying someone

There is special dialogue for receiving a bouquet, and a sweet surprise when you give him a
mermaid's pendant. 
There's special festival dialogue, spouse and pre-marriage dialogue. Like lots
of dialogue, over 200 lines.

- over 200 lines of both pre-marriage and post marriage dialogue, and festival
- unique lines for when you've divorce or are rejected
by Sebastian
- Robin, along with bachelors and bachelorettes around Sebastian's age group
will comment on his behavior during the different seasons.
- unique lines for receiving a bouquet or a mermaid's pendant.

I forgot to take pictures so: 

Dialogue Content Examples 

Living on a farm with you is a dream. can't even imagine being without you. Even thinking about it makes
me kinda sad."

The last day of the year, huh... Well, it's been one of the happiest years of my life, thanks to you. We
should celebrate a bit. Care for a drink? Let's make the most of tonight.

You should come with me to the lake sometime. It's really beautiful at night. It can be a date

Woah, wait a sec. You have a cut on your cheek. Let me help...Who did this to you? Tell me now.

Are you cold? I'll keep you warm...Come here.

Hey. How are you? I noticed you went to bed pretty late last night. Make sure you get enough sleep.",

         You know, you're so cute that I'm scared someone would try something on you. I want
people to know that you belong to me, not them

Are you friends with Sam, too? I saw you talking to him...

(and some marriage lines, these are usually more possessive): The night market comes to town tomorrow. They always have all kinds of strange things for sale. Hm, do you want me to come with you? I don't want you to get kidnapped.. What? You're so beautiful anyone would want to own you, but you're mine and only mine.

My perfect angel. There's something so special about something you love coming to you, instead of having to lock it up. Don't look sad love, I'll still lock you up whenever you want...


STEP 1:  * Install both SMAPI and Content Patcher
* Extract/Open this file with either Winrar or 7zip.
* Copy the folder named "[CP] Yandere Sebastian Dialogue Expansion"
and paste it into your Mods folder, NOT the Content Patcher folder.
STEP 2 (optional): * Install MissCoriel's NPC Unique Courtship
* Open "config.json" and change Sebastian's setting from
"enabled" to "disabled" to see the unique pendant/bouquet

STEP 1: install Vortex and follow steps
STEP 2: Install SMAPI-- Guide to using smapi with vortex here:
( )
STEP 3: Install Content Patcher
STEP 4: Install MissCoriel's NPC Unique Courtship response ( )
STEP 5: In the config file of Install MissCoriel's NPC Unique
Courtship response, set Sebastian to "Disabled". This allows this mod
to overwrite it
STEP 6: Install this mod.

-It's edited to work with Mal's Sebastian Expansion with Post Marriage
Events without either this mod or Mal's overwriting each other.
(link here:
-Cannon Friendly Dialogue Expansion 
-SVE, RSV, East Scarp, all major overhauls
-Really anything that doesn't overwrite this work: Many compatibility questions have been answered in comments

 Isa's Yandere Sebastian Dialogue Expansion is the basis of my work. Isa owns the
original mod and deserves credit for the code framework and some of the dialogue, 
this is an edited version.

 (link here: )